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International Collaborations

Excellence in research is not confined by national boundaries. We are committed to the provision of genuinely international research training for MASDOC students. Apart from the many active research links and collaborations with overseas colleagues which lead to many visitors to Warwick, interactions with non-UK graduate schools are fostered in MASDOC. Exchange visits allow our students to experience some of the most vibrant research groups in the world while, in return, overseas students may spend periods visiting Warwick, enriching the MASDOC environment.

Examples of collaboration include : 

Berlin Mathematical School

Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics


Examples of student cooperations:

Discontinuous Galerkin methods for coupled bulk-surface equations University of Muenster.

Analysis of a Diffuse Interface Model for Two-Phase Flow with Surfactant University of Regensburg

Limit theorems for stable-like law and fractional order book dynamics in liquid markets. Moscow State University