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Student Study Groups

2017 Cohort
D Brockington
T Gunaratnam
C Scharrer
Metal 'n' Roll MNR 
P Graszieschi
P Hanson
The Frog Model
H Barth
J Kiedrowski
J Sant
J Thomas
Machine Learning for Image Analysis MLIA
2016 Cohort
S Pidgeon,
G Vasdekis,
E Archer
Stochastic Integrable Systems

L Angeli,
P Herbert,
Q Vogel
Mathematics of Batteries targets
L Hatcher,
S Horrigan,
Z Lawrence
Collective Motion left
2015 Cohort
M Dickson,
I Johnston,
J Pritchard,
D Woodford
Multiserver Queues: Are two moments enough?  
G Andriopoulos,
M Buze,
W FitzGerald,
M Galton,
J Herman,
B Matharu
Sample path large deviations and concentration  
L Church,
M Collins,
S Etter,
K Hopf,
K Kosiba
Cell motility and PDEs in evolving and complex domains
2014 Cohort

L Connellan
A Nixon
W Ozanski

PDE's on Manifolds   
T Assiotis
N Chada
P Tsatsoulis
C Wilson
Uncertainty Quantification  
2013 Cohort
J Dunn
R Gameros-Leal
A Santello
M Egginton
J Lukins
J Skipper
Model Based Emission

O Dunbar
Y Lu
L Williams
Model Coupling and

A Bowditch
J Sylvester
Q Chen
Stochastic Growth

2012 Cohort
B Lees
J Lindley
F Nazar
H Wu
Mathematical Models
for Cloud Formation

A Griffin
J Koskela
F Medina Aguayo
Population Genetics  
D Sanz Alonso
M Dunlop
G Hobbs
D O'Connor
Stochastic Partial
Differential Equations

2011 Cohort

Media and Motion, Stochastic Finance, Mathematics of Multiscale Materials

Amal Alphonse
Simon Bignold
Yuchen Pei
Media and Motion
Chin Lun
Matthew Thorpe
Abhishek Shukla
Stochastic Finance  
Maha Al-Hajri
Tessa Colledge
Owen Daniel
Barnaby Garrod
Alexander Kister
Mathematics of
Multiscale Materials