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MASDOC PhD Supervisors and Dissertation titles

2018 Cohort Research Students
Student Name
Dissertation Title
1st Supervisor
2nd Supervisor

Anvarbek Atayev

Dislocations in Crystal Structures

Florian Theil

Thomas Hudson

Diogo Caetano

Semilinear parabolic problems on eolving domains

Charlie Elliott

Bjorn Stinner

Matthew Coates

Transfer functions for reduced order lithium ion batter-cell modelling

Florian Theil

Ed Brambley

Alice Hodson

Virtual Element Methods

Andreas Dedner

Bjorn Stinner

Matthew King

The critical layer in parabolic shear boundary layers over acoustic linings

Ed Brambley

Tobias Grafke

Dimitrios Lygkonis

Aspects of the 2-dimensional KPZ equation

Nikos Zygouras

Giuseppe Cannizzaro

Nicoló Paviato

Rates of Convergence for a Deterministic Weak Invariance Principle

Ian Melbourne

Roger Tribe

Osian Shelley

A general equilibrium model for a financial transaction tax

Martin Herdegen

Gechun Liang

2017 Cohort Research Students
Student Name
Dissertation Title
1st Supervisor
2nd Supervisor

Hanson Bharth

Asymptotic Analysis of cylindrical contact problems

Ed Brambley

Sumit Hazra

Dominic Brockington

Tracy Widom Fluctuations in Stochastic Flows

Jon Warren

Oleg Zaboronski

Philip Hanson

Measured valued Markov Processes in Genetics

Dario Spano

Paul Jenkins

Jacek Kiedrowski

Self interacting walks and scaling limit of directed polymer model

Nikos Zygouras

Guiseppe Cannizzro

Jaromir Sant

Bayesian Estimation for Diffusions in Genetics

Paul Jenkins

Jere Koskela

Christian Scharrer

Weak Lower Semi-Continuity of the Canham-Helrich Energy Functional

Charlie Elliott

Andrea Mondino

Jack Thomas

Analysis of the Tight Binding Model

Christoph Ortner

Stefan Adams

2016 Cohort Research Students
2015 Cohort Research Students
Student Name
Dissertation Ttile
1st Supervisor
2nd Supervisor
George Andriopoulos Covertimes on Trees David Croydon Agelos Georgakopoulos
Maciej Buze

Decay estimates and numerics for screw dislocations and cracks

Christoph Ortner Tom Hudson
Lewis Church

PDEs on randomly evolving hypersurfaces

Charlie Elliott Bjorn Stinner
Matthew Collins

Multiphase phase field models and finite volume implementation

Andreas Dedner Bjorn Stinner
Matthew Dickson

Bose Einstein Condensation

Stefan Adams Stefan Grosskinsky
Simon Etter

Logarithmically Scaling Algorithms for Electronic Structure Models

Christoph Ortner James Kermode
William Fitzgerald

Interacting particle systems

Jon Warren Roger Tribe
Matthew Galton

CLT's and invariance principles for random dynamical systems under mild mixing conditions

Ian Melbourne Hendrik Weber
John Herman Stochastic Duality of Markov Processes with Applications Vassili Kolokoltsov Sigurd Assing
Katharina Hopf

Evolution equations for velocity distributions of Bosons

Jose Rodrigo James Robinson
Ifan Johnston

Multidimensional Fractional Calculus

Vassilli Kolokosov Larbi Allili
Kamil Kosiba

Young measures under anisotropic growth conditions

Felip Rindler Florian Theil
Barinder Matharu

Central Limit Theorems for the Linear Random Walk on the Torus

Ian Melbourne Mark Pollicott
Jessie Pritchard

Impact of drops onto flat surfaces

James Sprittles Bjorn Stinner
David Woodford

Lamperti-Kiu processes

Larbi Alili Vassili Kolokoltsov
2014 Cohort Research Students
Student Name
Dissertation Ttile
1st Supervisor
2nd Supervisor
Theodoros Assiotis Intertwinings for non-intersecting birth and death chains and random growth Jon Warren Neil O'Connell
Neil Chada Iterative ensemble methods for geometric inverse problems Andrew Stuart Charlie Elliott
Lloyd Connellan Pine framework for DUNE Andreas Dedner Bjorn Stinner
Adam Nixon Mathematical Computation in Cell Biology Bjorn Stinner Andreas Dedner
Wojciech Ozanski Singular sets for the Navier-Stokes and surface growth equations James Robinson Jose Rodrigo
Pavlos Tsatsoulis Stochastic Quantisation Equation Hendrik Weber Martin Hairer
2013 Cohort Research Students
Student Name
Dissertation Title
1st Supervisor
2nd Supervisor
Adam Bowditch Random walks in random environments David Croydon Jon Warren
Oliver Dunbar

Modelling and simulating multiphase flows with surfactants

Bjorn Stinner Andreas Dedner
Matthew Egginton

Topics in kinetic theory and the Boltzmann equation

Florian Theil Ian Melbourne
Rodolfo Gameros Leal

Poissonian Cities

Wilfrid Kendall David Croydon
Yulong Lu

Asymptotic Analysis and Computation on Probability Measures

Andrew Stuart Hendrik Weber
Jamie Lukins

Resistance in random graphs

Roger Tribe Oleg Zaboronski
Jack Skipper

Onsager conjecture

James Robinson Jose Rodrigo
John Sylvester

Hitting times and effective resistances in random graphs

Agelos Georakopoulos David Croydon
Luke Williams

Oritentational Ordering in 2-dimensional atomistic systems

Florian Theil Stefan Adams
2012 Cohort Research Students
Student Name
Dissertation Title
1st Supervisor
2nd Supervisor
Matthew Dunlop

The support theorum

Andrew Stuart Martin Hairer
Adam Griffin

Quasistationary Distributions for Evolving Epidemic models: Simulation and Characterisatio

Simon Spencer Gareth Roberts
Graham Hobbs

Particles and biomembranes: a variational PDE approach

Charlie Elliott Jose Rodrigo
Jere Koskela

Consistency and intractable likelihood for jump diffusions and generalised coalescents

Dario Spano Paul Jenkins
Benjamin Lees

Quantum spin systems, probabilistic representations and phase transitions

Daniel Ueltschi Roman Kotecky
Jorge Lindley A dG FEM for quasi-geostrophic Frontogenesis Robert Kerr Andreas Dedner
Felipe Medina Aguayo

Stability and Examples of some Approximate MCMC Algorithms

Gareth Roberts Anthony Lee
Faizan Nazar Electronic Structure of Defects in the Thomas-Fermi-von Weiszacker Model of Crystals Christoph Ortner Florian Theil
David O'Connor

Phase Field models on evolving surfaces

Bjorn Stinner Charlie Elliott
Huan Wu

Atomistic-to-Continuum Coupling for crystal defects

Christoph Ortner Andreas Dedner


2011 Cohort Research Students
Student Name
Dissertation Title
1st Supervisor
2nd Supervisor
Amal Alphonse

Analysis of partial differential equations on evolving spaces

Charlie Elliott Bjorn Stinner
Simon Bignold

Density Functional Theory: The Classical Hard-Core Gas

Christoph Ortner Charlie Elliott
Owen Daniel

The Bosonic Loop soup and its local field

Stefan Adams Stefan Grosskinsky
Barnaby Garrod

One-dimensional interacting particle systems as Pfaffian point systems

Roger Tribe Oleg Zaboronski
Alexander Kister

Sample path large deviations for the Laplacian model with pinning interaction in (1+1)-dimension

Stefan Adams Hendrik Weber
Chin Lun

A multi-layer extension of the stochastic heat equation

Jon Warren Neil O'Connell
Yuchen Pei The Robinson-Schensted algorithms Neil O'Connell Jon Warren
Daniel Sanz Alonso

Assimilating data into mathematical models

Andrew Stuart Gareth Roberts
Abhishek Shukla Analysis of Data assimilation schemes Andrew Stuart Gareth Roberts
Matthew Thorpe

Variational methods in Geometric Statistical inference

Florian Theil Adam Johansen


2010 Cohort Research Students
Student Name
Dissertation Title
1st Supervisor
2nd Supervisor
Andrew Aylwin Self similar Markov processes and related topics Larbi Alili Vassili Kolokoltsov
Charles Brett Inverse Problems including interfaces and free boundaries Charlie Elliott Andreas Dedner
Michael Eyers Adjacent Voronio Continuum Pots Stefan Adams Roger Tribe
Adam Hall Pharmocokinetic modelling of Derivatives of the anti-malarial drug
John Aston Mike Chappell
Kei Fong Lam Diffuse Interface Models of Soluble Surfactants in Two-Phase Fluid Flows Bjorn Stinner Charlie Elliott
Pravin Madhavan Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Surface Partial Differential
Andreas Dedner Bjorn Stinner
David McCormick Existence and uniqueness of solutions to various MHD systems with
applications to magnetic relaxation.
James Robinson Jose Rodrigo
Christopher Pettitt Inference for epidemics with multiple strains Dario Spano Gareth Roberts
Michael Scott A parabolic PDE on an evolving curve and evolving surface with finite
time singularity
Martin Hairer Charlie Elliott
Maria Veretennikova Controlled fractional dynamics with applications to games and finances Vassili Kolokoltsov Dario Spano