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Speaking with Style - Final Presentations 2023


The final presentations of some of our new PhD students as part of the Speaking with Style module take place on

Fri, 30 June 2023, 4-5pm (parallel sessions).

Below are the sessions including speakers, titles, and rooms (all in Zeeman Building).

Session 1 (MS.05)
4:05 Kenji Terao Reference Finding for 22.5° Origami
4:20 Thomas Peirce Cohomology and Symmetry of Spheres
4:35 Abigail Hollingsworth The Shape Variety of the Complement of the Figure-8 Knot
Session 2 (B3.02)
4:05 Tarek Acila A Brief Introduction to Cell Shaping
4:19 Tsz Fung Yu Geometric Multigrid Methods in Numerically Solving PDEs
4:33 Jiayao Shao Applying Stochastic Dynamical System Methods to Ship Capsize Problem
4:47 Shizhe Xu
Turbulent Flows and The Navier-Stokes Equations
Session 3 (B3.03)
4:05 Ziyang Liu Bismut Formulas
4:20 Vicente Saavedra Araya Random Ergodic Averages
4:35 Ioannis Kousek An Ergodic Theorem and Monochromatic {x+p(y),xy} Patterns in Countable Fields