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Modules for the CDT in Mathematics 2022 intake

Disclaimer: This information is intended for current graduate students. Prospective graduate students should take this as a guide to the range of modules the department offers, and the requirements for obtaining a degree. However, we do not guarantee that any given lecture module will be offered in any future year, nor do we guarantee that the procedures will not vary from year to year.

The modules available for Mathematics CDT students are of three types:

  • MA9 modules (specifically designed for Warwick PhD students in the CDT programme)
  • MA6 modules (share lectures with an MA4 module, but incorporate additional reading material and often an oral examination)
  • Taught Course Centre modules (PhD-only modules shared with other universities via videoconferencing)

Students must take a minimum of 4 modules, with at least 2 modules taken from the MA9XX lists. These modules can be taken in both Term 1 and Term 2.

In addition to the above you are also encouraged to take MA926 Speaking with Style, which counts towards the Postgraduate Certificate in Transferable Skills in Science (PGCTSS)Link opens in a new window .

Modules other than the TCC, MA6 and MA9 listed on the website will need to be approved by the Deputy Director of Graduate Studies.

    MA9 modules

    The following MA9 modules have been specifically designed for the CDT.
    Timetable for the MA9 modules in Term 1Link opens in a new window.

    MA926 Speaking with Style, running in terms 1, 2 & 3, is a transferable skills module.

    MA6 modules

    Lectures for these modules are shared with MA4 modules with the corresponding code. The main difference is that MA6 modules include additional reading material, and are examined with an oral examination (at the end of the corresponding term) rather than a written examination.

    Timetables can be requested from Central TimetablingLink opens in a new window:
    go to 'Timetable Reports 2022/23', provide your login credentials, click on 'Modules' on the left,
    and then search with the MA4* (instead of MA6*) module code.

    Taught Course Centre (TCC) modules

    Warwick, together with Bath, Bristol, Imperial and Oxford, runs an EPSRC-funded Taught Course Centre (TCC) that delivers more than 20 PhD-level modules each year using video-conferencing facilities (located in Zeeman Building room B0.06). These courses (whether given in Warwick or elsewhere) can be assessed by Mathematics PhD students. Up-to-date timetables and links to module information are available from the webpage. [In term 1, the list of courses for term 2 may not be available on the TCC website.]

    Other options

    Mathematics is involved in several Warwick interdisciplinary Centres for Doctoral Training, each of which has its own selection of taught courses; some of these may also be of interest for mainstream Mathematics CDT students. These interdisciplinary CDTs are: Mathematics for Real-World Systems (joint Maths/Systems Biology), MAS (joint Chemistry/Maths/Biology etc) and HETSYS (Physics, Engineering, Chemistry and Mathematics and the Warwick Manufacturing Group). If you wish to take modules from these CDTs you must check with the relevant that this is possible (both because timetables will not always match, and because you will also need permission from the relevant CDT Director of Studies).