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Sam Moore awarded this year's Faculty Postdoctoral Prize in Mathematics

Congratulations to Sam Moore, who has been awarded this year's Faculty Postdoctoral Prize in Mathematics, for his contribution to the paper

Moore, S., Hill, E.M., Tildesley, M., Dyson, L., Keeling, M.J. (2021) "Vaccination and non-pharmaceutical interventions for COVID-19: a mathematical modelling study " Lancet Infectious Diseases. 21(6): 793-802.

Concerning Sam's award, Matt Keeling says "This paper has had massive impact on how England considered the interaction between non-pharamaceutical interventions (NPIs) and vaccination – and hence how England emerged from the January 2021 lockdown. The paper has already received 226 citations and has an Altmetric score of 4305, and so ranks as in the top 5% of all research outputs. The work uses computationally intensive models that could forecast the scale of hospital admissions as restrictions decline and vaccination was rolled out to increasing sectors of the population. Sam took a leading role in this work, developing much of the code, generating the results and writing the paper and supplement; this was a massive technical undertaking requiring a blend of mathematical, computational and applied skills. The work concludes that while the vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 offered a potential exit strategy for the pandemic, success is highly contingent on the precise vaccine properties and population uptake. This led to England’s Roadmap to relaxation of controls where mitigation measures were reduced slowly over several months."

Sun 05 Jun 2022, 15:04 | Tags: Mathematics, Faculty of Science

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