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Maths outreach


We are involved in a wide range of outreach activities. This page is currently being populated with details. Please bear with us!

Our work with schools

  • School visits
    We may be able to visit your school to give a talk on a mathematical topic. Here are some talks that have been given and could be given again, though we cannot guarantee availability.
    - Rational numbers and knots
    - Maths and computers
    - What is maths at university like?
    - Mathematical biology
    - Modelling the flow of fluids
    All talks are adaptable for a longer or a shorter session, and material can be adapted to suit the students. If there is a topic on which your school would like a talk, do get in touch with us.
  • Realising Opportunities
    Realising Opportunities (RO) is a unique collaboration of leading, research intensive universities, working together to promote fair access and social mobility of students from groups under represented in higher education. The RO Programme provides able students with skills and information to help them not only make informed decisions about their future and to raise their aspirations to progress to a leading research intensive university, but to support their current work in school/college.
    Click here for more details on RO
  • Mentoring programme

Advanced Maths Support Network (AMSP)

The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme is a government-funded initiative to increase participation in Core Maths, AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, and improve the teaching of these level 3 maths qualifications.

The programme provides national support for teachers and students in state-funded schools and colleges in England. Additional support is offered in areas of low social mobility so that, whatever their gender, background or location, students can choose their best post-16 maths pathway and have access to high quality teaching.

The Warwick Maths Institute hosts the local AMSP Area Coordinator, Fiona Kitchen, who can give advice on what local and national support is available for prospective students. Please contact Fiona at if you would like to find out more.
Click here for more details on the AMSP

Public outreach

  • Lockdown Masterclasses on Mathematical Thinking
    The WMI Lockdown Masterclasses enable members of the Warwick Mathematical Institute to aid in the educational process during Covid lockdowns. We offered online master classes on inspirational topics with the intention of introducing students in school to the various aspects of mathematical thinking.
    Click here for more details on the Masterclasses.

International outreach

  • Warwick in Africa (WiA)
    Our student and staff volunteers work with schools in Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania in a range of educational activities.
    Click here for more details on WiA.
  • Thailand-UK Python+Astronomy Summer Schools (ThaiPASS)
    The project brings Python programming, astronomy and data science to high-school students and teachers in Thailand. Since 2018, this annual summer school has been bringing academics from UK universities (led by Warwick) to work with Thai students and teachers.
    Click here for more details on Project ThaiPASS.

Past events

Some of our past outreach events will be listed here.

General contact

Maths outreach team:

Dr. Siri Chongchitnan

Dr. Josephine Evans

Prof. Minhyong Kim (Christopher Zeeman Professor of Algebra, Geometry, and Public Understanding of Mathematics)

Ms Fiona Kitchen (AMSP lead)