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Realising Opportunities

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If you miss the applications deadline and are interested to come and study at Warwick, our Warwick Scholars programme will start recruiting in April. For more information click here.

About the Programme

Realising Opportunities (RO) is a unique collaboration of 15 leading, research intensive universities, working together to promote fair access and social mobility of students from groups under represented in higher education. The RO Programme provides able students with skills and information to help them not only make informed decisions about their future and to raise their aspirations to progress to a leading research intensive university, but to support their current work in school/college.


Marie Diebolt

Realising Opportunities Manager

Phone: 07867 468 542



Key Facts

The key information is contained within this menu. Open each section to find out more.

1. You must be in Year 12 to take part. If you are in Year 13, you are not eligible but you may be eligible to attend our A-Level Bootcamp
    2. You must meet all of the following criteria:
      • Have achieved at least 8 A* to C grades or 9-4 grades at GCSE (or equivalent, eg GNVQ, BTEC Certificate) including English Language and Mathematics.
      • Of these 8 GCSEs or equivalent, at least 5 must be A* to B grades or 9 to 6 grades.
      • Be a Home/EU registered student.
        3. You must meet at least two of the following:
          • Come from a home where neither parent attended university in the UK or abroad. (If one or more parent is currently studying their first degree, or graduated from their first degree within the last five years, an application will be considered eligible for this criteria)
            • Live in a neighbourhood which has a low progression rate to higher education or an area which has a high level of financial, social or economic deprivation. This is defined by home postcode. Neighbourhood with low progression rates to higher education is defined by home postcodes which are in POLAR4 quintile 1 and more information on the POLAR classification can be found at OfS website
            . An area which has a high level of financial, social or economic deprivation is defined by home postcodes which are in the 30% most deprived wards within the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD). For more information on IMD please see Government website.
              •Be in receipt of or entitled to discretionary payments/16-19 bursary/Pupil Premium at school/college
                • Be in receipt of or entitled to free school meals, or have been entitled to them at a point in the last six years • Be attending or have attended a school/college:
                - that is performing below the national average for key stage 4 5+ A*-C/9-4 or equivalents including 9-4 in both English and Mathematics or below the national average Attainment 8 score per school or
                - which is performing below the national average at key stage 5, or
                - where there is higher than the national average number of students eligible for free school meals
                At the point in time the student applies to the RO programme.
                  Or alternatively meet the following:
                  •Be living in, or have lived in, local authority care or be a young carer. Those defined as living in, or who have lived in, local authority care are those who are being looked after by their local authority, either living with foster parents/other family members such as grandparents, at home with their parents under the supervision of social services, in a residential children’s home or in another residential setting such as school or secure unit, or someone who has experienced a period of three months in the care of the local authority within the last ten years. Those defined as young carers are those who under the age of 18 who help look after someone in their family, or a friend. There is no time limit on the amount of care they provide for their dependents, this is just above and beyond what is normally expected.
                    • If you do not meet the prior attainment outlined in step 2 or at least two of the criteria outlined in step 3, but have experienced a period of disrupted education, your application may still be considered on an individual basis. Disruptions considered include, but are not limited to, students who: - are estranged/living independently from their families
                    - are experiencing/have experienced significant family issues
                    - have a disability
                    - have a health condition
                    - are from Gypsy, Roma or Traveller communities
                    - are Refugees
                    - are the children of military families
                    If you are not eligible for this programme you can still visit us. Please check our website here for Open Days and Warwick visits
                    If you are not eligible to take part in Realising Opportunities you may be eligible to be part of one of our other Year 12 programmes:
                      UniTracks Programme
                        Pathways to Law
                          Pathways to Banking
                            Warwick Scholars
                              You may also want to come to one of our Open Days or Warwick Visits. To learn more or book a space please click here
                              The Programme will help you develop your academic skills, improve your awareness of higher education and knowledge of how to apply to university. It will also give you increased access to the RO universities through events and activities.
                                Throughout the programme you are supported by The University of Warwick and will receive online support from current undergraduate students across the RO Partner universities.
                                  Successful completion of the RO Programme gives you the opportunity to have your achievements recognised through UCAS, resulting in additional consideration and the potential for alternative offers from the RO universities.
                                    Events and Components of the programme
                                      •Local Launch: Students on the programme will attend a Launch Event at the University of Warwick with their parents/carers and teachers. This session will fully introduce the student to the programme and will offer an opportunity to explore campus and meet current students.
                                        •Online Support: Students can get answers to their questions from both current university students who have taken part in the programme before and staff from RO universities.
                                          •National Student Conference: The event is attended by RO students from across the country. Students get to attend skills based workshops and meet representatives from all the RO universities.
                                            •Skills4uni: This online study module and test helps to develop key academic skills that will be useful in both A-level work and at university.
                                              •Academic Element: You will undertake a group research project as part of the Programme which will develop your research, planning, critical thinking, analysis and referencing skills.
                                                •Events and Activities: Students have access to events and activities at all of the RO universities around the country as well as residential opportunities. The University of Warwick will offer throughout the year a variety of sessions such as:
                                                  •Advice for your future
                                                  You will gain an understanding of research intensive universities and have increased access to the RO universities including the opportunity to attend events and activities such as master classes and residential visits.You will also have access to careers information and professionals who will offer you career advice and information
                                                  Realising Opportunities participants who are planning to apply to Warwick for their undergraduate studies may be eligible to apply for our Warwick Scholars access programme and if offered a place will be expected to complete the Realising Opportunities programme alongside participating in Warwick Scholars. Further details about Warwick Scholars can be found here Warwick Scholars
                                                    Realising Opportunities participants who are not eligible to apply for the Warwick Scholars access programme are eligible for a reduced offer if they apply to Warwick and would join Warwick Scholars as an undergraduate when they enrol at the university after completing Realising Opportunities. More information about the Warwick Scholars undergraduate programme can be found here Warwick Scholars Undergraduate Programme