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Hang Lok Edison Au-Yeung

Hello! I am Edison Au-Yeung (Chinese: 歐陽衡諾), a first year PhD student interested in number theory. My supervisors are Dr. Simon L. Rydin Myerson and Dr. Helena Verrill.


I completed my Master of Mathematics (MMath) at the University of Warwick, where I have written my MMath dissertation titled Euclidean Proof of Dirichlet’s Theorem on Arithmetic Progressions in Number FieldsLink opens in a new window, supervised by Dr. Simon L. Rydin Myerson.



  • Teaching assistant for MA267 Groups and Rings.
  • Supervisor of two groups of first-year undergraduate Mathematics students.


Modular Curves and Complex Elliptic Curves. Study group on moduli problems of elliptic curvesLink opens in a new window. 13thOctober 2023, 1pm. (NotesLink opens in a new window)


I'm happy to be contacted via .