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Class Field Theory Study Group

In Autumn term 2020/21 (October - December 2020), the number theory group ran a study group on class field theory.

We followed Milne's notes: [ Milne CFT notes ]

Date Topic Milne reference Speaker Notes
16th October Overview Intro Chris W Notes 1
23rd October Lubin-Tate theory I-1,2,3 Nuno Notes 2
30th October Group/Galois cohomology II Diana Notes 3
6th November Local CFT via cohomology III Muhammad Notes 4
13th November Brauer groups IV Ben Notes 5
20th November Global CFT: classical approach V-1,2,3 Philippe Notes 6
27th November Global CFT: idelic approach V-4,5 Steven Notes 7
4th December Global CFT: proofs VII Chris L Notes 8