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Winter School 2013

The program of the school will consist of three tutorial series related to algorithm design. The late Friday afternoon is devoted to presentations of own research by some of the junior participants of the school. The format of the school will be similar to that organized in the fall 2011 - see this link.

Organizers (contact persons): Tomáš Kaiser (University of West Bohemia in Pilsen) and Dan Kráľ (University of Warwick).

Tutorial speakers

Date and place

The town of Beroun is easily reachable by bus from the subway stop Zličín (the last stop on the yellow line). There are several bus lines (e.g., numbers 380 and 384) running to Beroun from the stop. The bus station in Beroun is located about 250 metres from the school hotel. Note that there is a direct bus (number 100) from the Václav Havel Airport Prague to Zličín. The bus runs every 15 minutes from the airport and the journey takes approximetely 18 minutes. Zličín is its last stop.

We ask all participants to arrive before the lunch on December 12 and leave after the breakfast on December 15.


Thursday December 12 Friday December 13 Saturday December 14 Sunday December 15
    8:00 Breakfast 8:00 Breakfast 8:00 Breakfast
    9:00 Anuj Dawar 9:00 Anuj Dawar
    10:10 Coffee break 10:10 Coffee break
    10:40 Standa Živný 10:40 Daniel Lokshtanov
13:00 Lunch 12:00 Lunch 12:00 Lunch
14:00 Anuj Dawar 14:00 Daniel Lokshtanov 14:00 Standa Živný
15:10 Standa Živný 15:10 FPT exercises 15:10 Anuj Dawar
16:20 Coffee break 16:20 Coffee break 16:20 Coffee break
16:50 Daniel Lokshtanov 16:50 Jan Bulánek 16:50 Standa Živný
18:15 Dinner 17:20 Tereza Klimošová 18:00 Daniel Lokshtanov
    17:50 Jakub Gajarský 19:10 Dinner
    18:20 Martin Kupec
    19:00 Conference dinner

List of participants

Martin Bohm (Prague), Jannis Bulian (Cambridge), Jan Bulánek (Prague), Anuj Dawar (Cambridge), Zdeněk Dvořák (Prague), Jakub Gajarský (Brno), Robert Ganian (Vienna), Tomáš Gavenčiak (Prague), Roman Glebov (ETH Zurich), Jamie Hayes (Cambridge), Petr Hliněný (Brno), Tomáš Kaiser (Pilsen), Tereza Klimošová (Warwick), Dušan Knop (Prague), Michal Koucký (Prague), Martin Kupec (Prague), Anita Liebenau (Warwick), Daniel Lokhstanov (Bergen), Lukáš Mach (Warwick), Ondrej Moriš (Brno), Jan Obdržálek (Brno), Sebastian Ordyniak (Brno), Jiří Sgall (Prague), Jakub Sliačan (Warwick), Jakub Teska (Pilsen), Vojtěch Tůma (Prague), Nico Van Cleemput (Pilsen), Pavel Veselý (Prague), Jan Volec (Warwick), Pengming Wang (Cambridge) and Stanislav Živný (Oxford)

Funding info

The school is organized and financially supported by the center of excellence Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (CE-ITI) and the University of West Bohemia. Additional funding was provided by the ERC grant CCOSA and by the GAČR grant P202/11/0196.