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Study group on rigid geometry

Where and when

Talks will be at 2pm in MS.05 unless otherwise stated.



1 Mon 9/5
2 Thu 12/5 Banwait Tate algebras and affinoid spaces
3 Mon 16/5 Reid

Informal introduction to Grothendieck topologies

I trot out all the opinions and jokes I can remember about G-topologies. Finding appropriate formal definitions or properties is not necessarily my forte (for which see Grothendieck topologies or sites or topoi are just categories with the categorical properties of categories of sheaves, so that they are just a little technical vehicle for cohomogy. What you actually do with them depends on the actual context, and usually involves a lot of detailed hard work. Classical topology, Zariski topology, etale topology, fppf and fpqc flat topologies, crystalline site, rigid analytic G-topology.

4 Mon 23/5 Bosman The G-topologies of an affinoid space
5 Tue 31/5 Cremona Tate uniformization of abelian varieties
6 Mon 6/6 Mourao Differentials, residues and integration in P^1
7 Mon 13/6 Loeffler Differentials and integration on general rigid spaces (after Coleman)
8 Mon 20/6 Holmes Frobenius structure on differentials and Monsky-Washnitzer cohomology
9 Mon 27/6 at 12.00
Berkovich spaces (note different time)