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Katerina Hristova

I am a third year PhD student under the supervision of Dr Dmitriy Rumynin and Dr Inna Capdeboscq. My current work is on Geometric representation theory. In particular, I am interested in investigating the category of smooth representations of locally compact totally disconnected topologicial groups, Kac-Moody groups and their associated buildings.

I am one of the organisers of the Reading Seminar on Algebraic Groups running in Term 2 this academic year.

You can contact me on k dot hristova at warwick dot ac dot uk.


2017/2018 academic year: I am one of the TAs for MA249 Algebra II and the TA for MA474 Representation theory.

2016/2017 academic year: I was one of the TAs for Algebra II. In Term 1 I was doing the support classes for Algebra I and Lie groups.

2015/2016 academic year: I was the TA for Algebra I, Tensors, spinors and rotations and Ring theory, as well as the supervisor of two groups of second year maths students.

Conferences and schools:

Complete Reducibility, Geometric Invariant Theory and Buildings, Bochum, Germany, 15-19 February 2016.

Postgraduate Group Theory Conference, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom, 28 June-1 July 2016.

Representation Theory of Algebraic Groups: A conference in Honour of Stephen Donkin, York, United Kingdom, 13-15 July 2016.

HIMR Kac-Moody groups and L-functions, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 24 October - 3 November 2016.

LMS-CMI Research School: New Trends in Representation Theory - The Impact of Cluster Theory in Representation Theory, Leicester, United Kingdom, 19-23 June 2017.

Summer school: Current topics in the Theory of Algebraic Groups, Dijon, France, 3-7 July 2017.

ALSPAG, Noncommutative and Non-associative Algebraic Structures in Physics and Geometry, Belfast, United Kingdom, 30 August - 2 September 2017.


Throughout my PhD, I have given the following talks:

Representations of complete Kac-Moody groups, Algebra and Geometry Seminar, University of Bristol, April 2018.

Frobenius reciprocity for topological groups, Algebra Seminar, University of Warwick, December 2017.

Smooth representations, projective resolutions and cosheaves, Junior Algebra Seminar, University of Cambridge, November 2017.

Projective resolutions for smooth G-modules, Noncommutative and Non-associative Algebraic Structures in Physics and Geometry, Belfast, 2017. Slides available here.

On representations of locally profinite groups, Postgraduate Seminar, University of Wariwick, 2017.

I gave two talks at HIMR Kac-Moody groups and L-functions, Nottingham, 2016:

1) Introduction to Bruhat-Tits Buildings - slides can be found here.

2) Applications of Bruhat-Tits buildings to representation theory.

Groups, graphs and magic, Ada Lovelace Day, University of Warwick, 2016. Slides available here.

Publications, preprints and papers:

1) Kac-Moody groups and Cosheaves on Davis building - joint work with Dr Dmitriy Rumynin - currently on the arXiv, link can be found here.

2) Frobenius Reciprocity for Topological Groups, for a link to the preprint click here.