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Professor Keith Ball, FRS FRSE


   Keith Ball

Keith Ball

Professor of Mathematics
Director, MRC
Office: B1.33
Phone: +44 (0)24 7652 3736

Office Hours:

Teaching Responsibilities 2018/19:
Term 2: MA137 Math Analysis II, MA3J2 Combinatorics II

Current Lecture Notes: MA3J2 Combinatorics II, MA137 Analysis II

Old Lecture Notes: MA241 Combinatorics

Research Interests:

Functional Analysis, High-dimensional and Discrete Geometry, Information Theory, Analytic Number Theory

Most relevant recent publications:

Entropy jumps in the presence of a spectral gap, Duke Math. J. 119 (2003), 41-64. PDF

A solution of Shannon’s problem on the monotonicity of entropy, J. A. M. S. 17 (2004), 975-982. PDF

A sharp combinatorial version of Vaaler's Theorem, Bull. LMS 41 (2009), 853-862. PDF

Chebyshev constants for the unit circle, Bull. LMS 45 (2012), 236-248.

L1 smoothing for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup, Mathematika 59/1 (2013), 160-168. PDF

The Ribe programme, Seminaire Bourbaki, 1047 (2012). PDF

A reverse entropy power inequality for log-concave random vectors, Studia Mathematica, 235 (2016). PDF

Rational approximations to the zeta function, preprint. PDF

Rational approximations to the zeta function II, preprint. PDF

Hadamard Matrices and 1-Factorisation, Mathematika, to appear. PDF

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