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Sotiris Kotitsas

I am a fourth-year PhD student under the supervision of Nikos ZygourasLink opens in a new window. My interests are Stochastic Analysis, Interacting Particle Systems, and diffusions/ random walks in random environment. In particular, I am interested in (singular) Stochastic PDEs in the critical dimension and related particle systems.

Before coming to Warwick I completed my undergraduate studies (with an integrated Msc) in Applied Mathematics at the Technical University of Athens. My thesis was on the representation theory of compact Lie Groups and its applications in probability, under the supervision of Sofia Lambropoulou.

You can contact me via email: sotirios.kotitsas at


[1] The Edwards-Wilkinson limit for the heat equation with time-correlated random potential in d = 2,
Sotirios Kotitsas. [arxiv:2405.01519]


17/01/2024: The Stochastic Heat Equation with time correlations, Junior Analysis seminar, Imperial College

27/11/2023: The KPZ equation in dimensions $d\geq2$: a survey and recent results, Junior Analysis and Probability seminar, Warwick.

3/11/2023: The two-dimensional heat equation with a random potential that is correlated in time, Applied Probability seminar, Warwick.


Spring '21: Organized support classes and marked assignments for:

MA254: Introduction to ODEs

MA250: Introduction to PDEs

Winter '21: Organized support classes and marked assignments for:

MA3K0: High-Dimensional Probability

Spring '22: Organized support classes for:

MA4L2: Statistical Mechanics

Miscellaneous: I was a co-organizer of the Junior Analysis and Probability Seminar in '22-'23. Also in '21-'22 I co-organized a reading group on harmonic analysis.