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Daniel Marlowe


Hi! I am a second year PhD student (he/him) in motivic/ $\mathbb{A}^1$-homotopy theory under the supervision of Prof Marco SchlichtingLink opens in a new window.

I obtained a BA in Mathematics from Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, and later an MSc at the University of Nottingham. During the latter I wrote a dissertation on Merkurjev's elementary proof of the norm residue isomorphism (in degree 2) under the supervision of Prof Alexander VishikLink opens in a new window.

Teaching and seminars

Winter term 2021: participated in an introductory reading group on schemes.

Spring term 2022: contributed talk for a reading group on higher algebraic $K$-theory.

Winter term 2022 : TA for Commutative Algebra I (MA3G6). Co-organised (with Dhruva Divate and David Hubbard) a reading group on stacks and descent, following notes of Vistoli. Contributed talk for an introductory reading group in $\infty$-categories.

Spring term 2023: TA for Algebra II: Groups and Rings (MA249).

Summer term 2023: contributed talk for a reading group on condensed mathematics, following notes of Clausen and Scholze. Gave a Warwick postgraduate seminar talk on homotopy type theory and the univalent foundations program.


Please feel free to reach out via email at dan dot marlowe at warwick doc ac dot uk.

Dan Marlowe