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Daniele Mastrostefano

I am a first year PhD student under the supervision of Dr Adam Harper.

Email: Daniele "dot" Mastrostefano "at" warwick "dot" ac "dot'' uk.

Office: B0.15.

Research Interests:

The distribution of prime numbers (small, bounded and large gaps between primes), Additive Number Theory (especially, Goldbach's type problems), Multiplicative Number Theory, the elementary approach in Analytic Number Theory (with an emphasis on the pretentious approach developed by Granville and Soundararajan), the distribution of arithmetical functions, Sieve Theory, Additive Combinatorics and Probabilistic Number Theory.


Current Research:

I am studying lower bounds for the variance of multiplicative functions in arithmetic progressions (main PhD project). I am trying to improve the current upper and lower bounds for the moments of the gcd of n and u(n), with u(n) being a Lucas sequence. I am trying to extend my previous work on short intervals with a given number of primes.


I have been TA for the modules:

I have been a supervisor for 2 groups of 5 each second year undergraduate students for the modules:

Conferences Attended and Scheduled:

Here is a link to a brief version of my CV, containing information on my previous educational background and awards received.