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Dr Adam Harper

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Adam Harper

Assistant Professor

Office: C2.28
Phone: +44 (0)24 765 23542
Email: A.Harper ''at'' warwick ''dot'' ac ''dot'' uk


Teaching Responsibilities 2018/19:
Term 1: MA4L6 Analytic Number Theory

Term 2: MA257 Introduction to Number Theory

Research Interests:

I am a number theorist, and am particularly interested in analytic, combinatorial and probabilistic number theory. I also enjoy learning about more general topics in analysis, combinatorics, probability and statistics.
Thus far, my research has dealt with a selection of problems in probability and probabilistic number theory, including the behaviour of random multiplicative functions, extreme values of Gaussian processes, and applications to the Shanks--Rényi prime number race between residue classes; with the distribution and applications of smooth numbers (that is numbers without large prime factors); with the behaviour of the Riemann zeta function on the critical line, both conjecturally and rigorously; with some additive combinatorics questions connected with sieve theory; and with estimating various sums of general deterministic multiplicative functions.

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