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Study group 22/23 Term 3: Tate's Thesis

This is the webpage for the Number Theory study group on Tate's Thesis in 22/23 Term 3. The talks take place every Friday at 1pm in room B3.03 (and also online on Microsoft Teams).


The notes for the study group can be found here (these will be updated weekly after every talk).


Other references:


Speaker Date Talk
Arshay 28th April Introduction and Overview
Kat 5th May Adeles, Ideles and their properties
Phil 12th May Proof of Dirichlet's unit theorem and finiteness of class groups
Kat 19th May Harmonic analysis on locally compact abelian groups
Ben 26th May Harmonic analysis on adeles and ideles
James 6th June (4pm in MS.03) Tate's Thesis Part I: Adelic Poisson summation formula
Alex 9th June Tate's Thesis Part II: Adelic zeta functions
Nuno 16th June Tate's Thesis Part III: Proof of functional equation for Dirichlet L-functions
Muhammad 23rd June Application I: Proof of the analytic class number formula
Arshay 30th June Application II: Survey talk on higher degree automorphic L-functions