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Esmee Te Winkel


Email: e.te-winkel at

I am a second year postgraduate student, supervised by Brian Bowditch and Saul Schleimer. My research interests lie in geometric group theory, hyperbolic geometry and low-dimensional topology. Specifically, I am thinking about quasi-isometric rigidity questions for complexes related to the curve complex.

Together with Ronja Kuhne, I organise the GATEWAY seminar, a seminar for young researchers in geometry and topology in Warwick.


2017-2018 MA3F1 Introduction to Topology, teaching assistant
2016-2017 MA3H6 Algebraic Topology, teaching assistant

Recent talks

2 December 2017 "Low-dimensional manifolds and their geometry", Warwick-Imperial Autumn Meeting, Warwick, UK
30 October 2017 "Mostow's rigidity theorem", GATEWAY Seminar, Warwick, UK
17 May 2017 "Why surfaces are just glued pants", Postgraduate Seminar, Warwick, UK

Attended conferences

December 2017 Computation in geometric topology, Warwick, UK
October 2017 Ada Lovelace Day, Warwick, UK
September 2017 LMS-CMI Research School, Warwick, UK
June 2017 yGAGTA and GAGTA 2017, Bilbao, Spain
March 2017 YGGT meeting VI, Oxford, UK
June 2016 Beyond hyperbolicity, Cambridge, UK
March 2016 BeNeLux Mathematical Congress, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
February 2016 YGGT meeting V, Karlsruhe, Germany

Furthermore, I regularly attend the GGSE meetings.


I completed my master degree at the University of Bonn, where I wrote my thesis with Harry Baik. Before that, I did my bachelor degree at the University of Amsterdam.