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Emanuele Zuccoli

I am a fourth year PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Dwight Barkley and Dr. Ed Brambley.

My research is in Applied Mathematics, especially on problems arising in Fluid Dynamics. In particular, I am mainly interested in:

  1. Linear and nonlinear stability theory.
  2. Wave propagation problems.
  3. Perturbation Methods.
  4. Analytical and Numerical solutions for Partial Differential Equations.

In the last two years, I have been working on the linear stability and waves-vortex interaction of free surface swirling flows in various configurations. Particular attention has been given to the case of a Lamb-Oseen flow propagating in a lateral unbounded domain and its interaction with surface gravity waves arising on the free surface of water. Other studies I have carried out at the same time are about the numerical simulation of waves in unbounded regions and how to efficiently impose a non-reflecting boundary condition. The numerical solutions obtained have been tested and compared with analytical solutions where possible.

Previously, I was a student at Politecnico di Milano (Italy), where I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering and my Master's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. In my master's thesis I studied the Ginzburg-Landau equation in the context of the nonlinear hydrodynamics stability and its application to the Taylor-Couette flow.


E. Zuccoli, E.J. Brambley, D. Barkley, (submitted 2022), "Free Surface Waves for a Lamb-Oseen Vortex Flow", J. Fluid Mech.


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