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Induction Information for October 2017


This page is currently being updated. Please return regularly for new and up to date information.


Welcome to the Mathematics Department at the University of Warwick  

Maths dept



It is a pleasure to welcome you as a Postgraduate student in the Mathematics Department. We hope that your postgraduate experience with us will be successful and enjoyable.

Please consult the Current Students pages for information about various aspects of life as a postgraduate student. We hope that these will be useful to you as you plan for and start your course. Please return regularly to the pages for updated and additional items. If you have any questions please email postgrad at maths dot warwick dot ac dot uk.

We look forward to meeting you and wish you every success with your studies at Warwick.

Dr Dmitriy Rumynin, Director of Graduate Studies
Dr Daniel Ueltschi, Director of MSc Studies
Professor James Robinson, Director of MASt
Carole Fisher, Postgraduate Coordinator.

Induction Events