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SETSAC Aston University


Prof. S.K. Turitsyn, Dr. E. G. Turitsyna, V.K.Mezetsev.

(Aston Photonics Research Group, School of Electronic Engineering)

Aston Photonics Research Group is one of the leading academic research centres in high-speed optical communication, fibre optics and nonlinear optics. The PRG will provide connection of the network with real world applications in photonics. The following research areas will be addressed:

  • Stochastic nonlinear partial differential equations governing propagation of optical signal in long-haul fibre links. Systems presenting stochastic modifications of the nonlinear Schroedinger equation (NLSE) and two coupled NLS equations (corresponding to two signal polarizations) will be studied in context of optical fibre communication. Both fundamental mathematical problems such as signal statistics and corresponding probability density functions, as well as practical problems of the bit error rate degradation will be addressed. People involved: Prof. S.K. Turitsyn, Dr. V.K. Mezetsev, Dr. S. Boscolo, Dr. S. Derevyanko.
  • Stochastic models close to Ginzburg-Landau equation describing fibre lasers will be studied. Fundamental problems of signal generation and corresponding mathematical problems ofstability and bifurcations of solutions, statsitical properties of solutions will be investigated in context of practical laser physics applications. People involved: Prof. S.K. Turitsyn, Dr. V.K.Mezetsev, Dr. S.Boscolo, Dr. R. Bhamber
  • Theory of optical turbulence in context of fibre Raman lasers will be developed. Basic kinetic equations governing interactions of a multitude (from one million to 100 million) of laser modes will be studied. Despite a deterministic nature of the basic equations the behaviour of such system is random (quasi-random) because of a huge number of weakly interaction modes. The methods of stochastic differential equations will be applied to describe appropriate macroscopic characteristics of such nonlinear system.