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SETSAC Oxford University

  • Alison Etheridge:

Current research interests stochastic models in mathematical population genetics. In particular interest in stochastic spatial models results in infinite dimensional stochastic systems(particle models or stochastic partial differential equations and measure-valued processes) and in very recent work what can be viewed as a spatial $\lambda$-Fleming-Viot process which models evolution in a spatial continuum.

  • Martin Hutzenthaler

Spatial population models with particular emphasis on local population regulation and its implications for long term survival of a population. Will also hopefully work on ancestral processes for populations subject to fluctuating selection.

  • Jay Taylor

Population genetic models of chronic parasites, some of which are measure-valued processes. Also a lot of work on potential applications of multiple merger coalescents in population genetics.

Graduate Students: 


Charles Cuthbertson

Modelling overlapping selective sweeps and limits to the rate of adaptation plus `skeletons' of multitype superprocesses.

Amandine Veber (registered at ENS with Le Gall, spends six months of each year in Oxford)

Currently working on super-processes with Poissonian obstacles with Le Gall and multiple merger coalescents and in particular their application to genetic models which incorporate extinction - recolonisation events with Alison Etheridge and Jay Taylor. She will also help with the analysis of the new spatial \lambda-Fleming Viot process

Habib Saadi Analysing the spatial \lambda-Fleming-Viot process which is a new way of modelling evolution in a spatial continuum.