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Mathematics Colloquia

Summer Term 2006/07

Organisers: Adam Epstein and Peter Topping

The Colloquia take place on Friday afternoons at 4.00pm in Lecture Room B3.02 of the Mathematics Institute They are directed towards a general mathematical audience. In particular, one of the functions of these colloquia is to inform non-specialists and graduate students about recent trends, ideas and results in some area of mathematics, or a closely related field.

Further abstracts will be added as they become available.

Friday 4 May 2007
John Ockendon (Oxford)
Some singularity problems in theoretical mechanics

Friday 11 May 2007
Gareth Jones (Southampton)
Complete bipartite maps, factorisations of groups, and generalised Fermat curves

Friday 18 May 2007
Geoffrey Grimmett
Classical and quantum ferromagnets via stochastic geometry

Friday 25 May 2007
Mark Haskins (Imperial)
Soap bubbles, integrable systems and singular pertubation theory

Friday 1 June 2007
John Hubbard (Cornell and Marseille)
The Weil Conjectures and Etale Topology

Friday 8 June 2007
Andrew Stuart (Warwick)
Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods in infinite dimensions

Friday 15 June 2007
Alastair King (Bath)
Why are moduli spaces projective varieties?

Tea is served in the Common Room in the Mathematics Institute from 3.00-4.00pm. The Colloquium will be followed by an informal reception (drinks and snacks) designed to give people the opportunity to have more contact with the speaker.

Spring Term 2006/07

Organisers: Adam Epstein and Peter Topping

Friday 12 January 2007
Miklos Laczkovich (Eotvos University Budapest)
Equidecomposability under groups of isometries in Rd

Friday 19 January 2007
Vladimir Guletskii (Liverpool)
On the continuous part of codimension two algebraic cycles on threefolds over a field

Friday 26 January 2007
Michael Yampolsky (Toronto)
Computability of Julia sets (joint work with Mark Braverman)

Friday 2 February 2007
Bernhard Muhlherr (Bruxelles)
The isomorphism problem for Coxeter groups

Friday 9 February 2007
Ian Roulstone (Surrey)
Kaehler geometry and the Navier-Stokes equations

Friday 16 February 2007
Viacheslav Nikulin (Liverpool)
On finiteness of the number of arithmetic groups generated by reflections in hyperbolic spaces

Friday 23 February 2007
Volker Bach (Mainz)
Mathematical theory of nonrelativistic matter interacting with the quantized radiation field.

Friday 2 March 2007
Vladimir Sazonov (Liverpool)
On feasible numbers: how to formalise?

Friday 9 March 2007
Toshikazu Sunada (Meiji)
On the K4 crystal

Friday 16 March 2007
Paul Yang (Princeton)
Conformal invariants

Autumn Term 2006/07

Organisers: Adam Epstein and Peter Topping

Friday 13 October 2006
Ben Green (Cambridge)
Linear equations in primes

Friday 20 October 2006
Igor Rodnianski (Princeton)
Mathematical problems in General Relativity

Friday 3 November 2006
Marc Lackenby (Oxford)
Property tau

Friday 10 November 2006
Gerd Dziuk (Freiburg)
Finite elements on evolving surfaces

Friday 17 November 2006
Eric Vanden-Eijnden (Courant)
Rare events in complex systems

Friday 24 November 2006
Harold Rosenberg (Paris VII)
Entire minimal graphs in H x R and the construction of surjective harmonic diffeomorphisms from the complex plane C to the hyperbolic plane H

Friday 1 December 2006
Jonathan Bennett (Birmingham)
A heat-flow approach to some problems in geometric combinatorics

Friday 8 December 2006
Matt Gursky (Notre Dame)
Some fully nonlinear equations in geometry


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