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Symposium, Conferences, Workshops and other Events in 2007 – 2008


  • Monday 3rd–Friday 7th September 2007 (Symposium)
    Introduction to explicit methods in algebraic geometry (XPL)
    An introductory workshop run in collaboration with the long-running Polish September algebraic geometry school
    Organisers: Reid and Wisniewski

  • Monday 10th–Friday 14th September 2007 (Symposium)
    Introductory workshop on HD MMP
    Organisers: Corti and Reid

  • Tuesday 18th–Thursday 20th September 2007 (Symposium)
    Toric degenerations, tropical geometry and mirror symmetry research workshop
    Organisers: Corti and Reid

  • Thursday 1–Tuesday 6 November 2007 (Symposium)
    Introduction to the recent breakthroughs in HD MMP
    Organisers: Corti and Reid

  • Monday 19 November 2007 (MIR@W Day)
    Control Theory in memory of Tony Pritchard
    Organisers Stuart Townley (Exeter) and R.S.MacKay

  • Wednesday 12th–Wednesday 19th December 2007 (Symposium)
    Higher dimensional minimal model program
    Organisers: Corti, McKernan and Reid

  • Monday 7th–Friday 11th January 2008 (Symposium)
    UK-Japan Winter School Algebraic and Symplectic Geometry
    ((PDF Document)pdf file of programme)
    In memory of Jim Eells
    Organised in collaboration with Keio University COE21

  • Tuesday 22nd January 2007
    Actin & Cell Polarity
    Organiser: Till Bretschneider
    To be held in MOAC Conference Room start 9.00am

  • Thursday, 13 March, 2008–Tuesday, 18 March, 2008 (Symposium)
    Weekend workshop: Explicit Methods for 3-folds
    Organiser: Miles Reid

  • Monday 24th to Saturday 29th March 2008 (Symposium)
    Spring school on the geometry and integrability of topological QFT and string theory
    Organisers: Wendland, Donagi, Hertling and Hitchin

  • Monday 31st March–5th April 2008 (Symposium)
    Geometry and topological field theories
    Organisers: Wendland, Donagi, Hertling and Hitchin

  • Monday 12 – Friday 16 May 2008, Warwick Systems Biology Centre
  • 12 – 14 May 2008 Cytoskeletal patterns and architectures Organisers Nigel Burroughs & Till Bretschneider
  • 15 May 2008 Models of structural biological networks, from discrete to continuous Organiser: Stephen Whitelam

  • Tuesday 27 May–Tuesday 3 June 2008 (Symposium)
    Commutative algebra, complexes and applications of computer algebra
    Organisers: Reid, Brown, Eisenbud and Schreyer

  • Monday 7–Friday 11 July 2008 (Symposium)
    Moduli spaces
    Organisers: Reid, Farkas, Mukai and Shepherd-Barron

  • Thursday 17–Friday 18 July 2008
    60 Miles: a conference to celebrate the 60th birthday of Miles Reid FRS

    Organisers: G. Brown, A. Corti, A. Craw, S. Kovacs and B. Szendroi
    To be held at LMS, De Morgan House, London



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