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EPSRC Symposium Capstone Conference

Tuesday 30 June 2009 – Friday 3 July 2009

Organisers: Ben Leimkuhler, Gareth Roberts, Andrew Stuart, Nick Trefethen

The conference will be immediately preceded by the Fox Prize on June 29th. Attendees of the Capstone Conference are warmly encouraged to attend this prize competition; the schedule for the prize day will incorporate, in the late afternoon, the first plenary talk from the Capstone Conference.

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Confirmed Plenary Speakers:


In addition to the invited plenary lectures, there will be a number of mini-symposia, of two hours duration, many related directly to the research areas represented by the plenary speakers. Mini-symposia include:

  • Mike Allen (Warwick) Future Directions in Molecular Simulation
  • Coralia Cartis (Edinburgh) Nonlinear Optimization 
  • Steve Coombes (Nottingham) Mathematical Neuroscience
  • Charlie Elliott (Warwick) PDEs in Imaging and Optimization
  • Jason Frank (Amsterdam) Computational Methods for Atmospheric Dynamics
  • Ben Leimkuhler (Edinburgh) Molecular Dynamics in and out of Equilibrium
  • Nancy Nichols (Reading) Model Reduction
  • Colin Cotter (Imperial College) Sophia Olhede (UCL) and Jonathan Lilly (Washington,Seattlle) Lagrangian structure, Lagrangian data 
  • Omiros Papaspiliopoulos (Barcelona) Stochastic modelling and computer-intensive inference in biology 
  • Greg Pavliotis (Imperial) Numerical Methods for Multiscale Stochastic Systems
  • Endre Suli (Oxford) Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Evolution Equations
  • Jared Tanner (Edinburgh) Sparse Approximation and Compressed Sensing


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Internet Access at Warwick:
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