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Mathematics in the Science of Complex Systems workshop

Organisers: J.H.Johnson (Open University), R.S.MacKay

One of a series sponsored by the EC coordination action ASSYST (Action for the Science of Complex Systems and socially intelligent ICT), around the questions:

• which areas of mathematics are used in complex systems science?

• what is the historical context?

• has any new fields of mathematics been generated?

• have any new problems been discovered or outstanding problems solved?

• how can statistical research contribute to complex systems science?

• how does mathematics interface to computation in CS science?

• does complex systems science impact on the culture of mathematics?

• what are the implications for education and training in CS science?

• what are the ‘grand challenges’ for mathematics and mathematicians

• are there completely new areas of mathematics waiting to be discovered?

The goal is to contribute to setting directions for the development of mathematical research in complex systems (including systems biology). For a background document see mitsocs-2011-background_paper-f.pdf and for a poster see poster.

All who would like to contribute to this endeavour are welcome.

Outline timetable:

Thu 9 June: registration open in MRC office B1.37 from 08.00, start 09.00 in B3.03, lunch 12.30-14.00 in Common room, drinks&snacks 17.30

Fri 10 June: start 09.00 in B3.03, lunch 12.30-14.00; informal discussions 14.00-15.30; tea&cakes at 15.30

Draft timetable

Registration closed on Thursday 2 June. Contact if you want to come but missed it.

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