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EPSRC Symposium Workshop on Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems: 30th Anniversary of the Journal

Monday 6 - Friday 10 September 2010

Organisers: Mark Pollicott, Klaus Schmidt (Vienna), Sebastian van Strien, Peter Walters

This will be a general research meeting, emphasizing all of the themes of the symposium and celebrating the 30th anniversary of the founding of the journal Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems. However, this meeting is not merely celebratory, but an opportunity to help look forward to the future development of the subject.

The meeting will start after lunch on Monday, 6th September and end in the early afternoon of Friday, 10th September. The programme will consist predominantly of research talks, but there will also be activities which give an opportunity to reflect on the history of the journal.

Accommodation will be arranged in Leamington Spa, Kenilworth or on Campus by the Mathematics Research Centre (MRC).

Current list of participants

J Aaronson, V Baladi, Y. Benoist, M Boyle, H Bruin, A Bufetov, S Bullett, K Burns, B Fayad, L Flaminio, P Foulon, A Ghosh, I Goldsheid, A Gorodnik, T Hall, U Hamenstadt, T Jordan, A Katok, S Katok, M Keane, B Kitchens, F Ledrappier, C Liverani, S Marmi, I Melbourne, W de Melo, R Nair, A Nevo, A Nogueira, A Oberg, J Palis, F Paulin, N Peyerimhoff, F Przytycki, I Putnam, J-F Quint, K Schmidt, R Sharp, N Sidorov, N Simanyi, D Szasz, D Terhesiu, C Ulcigrai, A Vershik, C Walkden, H Weiss, J-C Yoccoz.

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Photos from the Conference Dinner

Social arrangements

Lunch will be available in the Mathematics Institute Undergraduate Common Room for the duration of the conference. On the Monday evening there will be a BBQ provided at the University. On the Tuesday evening there will be a Reception in the Mathematics Institute Common Room. On the Thursday evening there will be a conference dinner at Coombe Abbey

Throughout the workshop there will coffee and tea served in the Mathematics Institute Common Room.

Some practical details

Here is advice on how to get to Warwick University from the main UK airports.

The nearest railway station to the University is Coventry Railway Station, approximately 2.5 miles away.

Here is a map of the Warwick campus (where the Mathematics Department is in the Zeeman Building, numbered 37).

Here is some information on local buses (U1 and U2 connect Coventry-University-Leamington Spa; 12 connects Coventry-University-Kenilworth-Leamington Spa). Kenilworth is 4 miles from the University. Leamington Spa is 8 miles from the University, and has its own railway station. Currently the intersection of Gibbet Hill Road and Kenilworth Road is closed and buses are diverted via the A45.

The cost of parking on Campus is £3 per day.

Lectures will be in room MS.01 in the Zeeman Building (which is suitable for blackboard, OHP or computer presentations).

Aerial photograph of Maths Houses

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