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Programme pdf:
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  9:30-10:15   10:45-11:30 11:40-12:25   2:00-2:45 2:50-3:35   4:15-5:00 5:10-5:55  
Monday         Lunch Schmidt Boyle Tea Palis   BBQ
Tuesday de Melo Coffee Aaronson Nogueira Lunch Thouvenot Marmi Tea Yoccoz   Reception
Wednesday Baladi Coffee Flaminio Benoist Lunch Foulon Nevo Tea Ward Keane  
Thursday Melbourne Coffee Szasz Simányi Lunch Liverani Bufetov Tea Ledrappier   Conference Dinner
Friday Putnam Coffee Hamenstädt A. Katok Lunch            


K. Schmidt, Entropy and periodic points of principal group actions (PDF Document)

M. Boyle, Progress and problems in symbolic dynamics(PDF Document)

J. Palis, A global theory for dynamics(Powerpoint Presentation)

W. de Melo, On the dynamics of circle maps(PDF Document)

J. Aaronson, On 'complexity' of probability preserving transformations(PDF Document)

A. Nogueira, Approximation to points on the real plane by SL(2,Z)-oribts (PDF Document)

J.-P. Thouvenot, Isomorphism and equivalence

S. Marmi, Linearization of generalized interval exchange maps(PDF Document)

J.-C. Yoccoz, Dynamics of generalized interval exchange maps(PDF Document)

V. Baladi, Exponential decay of correlations for piecewise hyperbolic contact flows (PDF Document)

L. Flaminio, Equidistribution on Nilmanifolds (PDF Document)

J.-F. Quint, Dynamics on finite volume homogeneous spaces (PDF Document)

P. Foulon, Invariant Forms, Pressure and Rigidity for Anosov Systems (PDF Document)

A. Nevo, Ergodic Theorems from amenable to non-amenable groups

T. Ward, Uniformities for commuting maps (PDF Document)

M. Keane, Ergodic Theory of the M/M/1 Queue (PDF Document)

I. Melbourne, Decay of correlations for nonuniformly hyperbolic systems with general return times (PDF Document)

D. Szasz, (Super)diffusive asymtotics for perturbed Lorentz or Lorentz-like processes (PDF Document)

N. Simányi, Local ergodicity without global hyperbolicity of singularities (PDF Document)

C. Liverani, Ruelle zeta functions for smooth Anosov flows (PDF Document)

A. Bufetov, Limit Theorems for translation flows (PDF Document)

F. Ledrappier, Vanishing transverse entropy in smooth ergodic theory

I. Putnam, A homology theory for basic sets (PDF Document)

U. Hamenstädt, Bowen's construction for the Teichmueller flow (PDF Document)

A. Katok, Development of dynamics in the 1980s and early years of ET&DS (PDF Document)