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Local information


  • Most non-local participants will be at Milsom's Hotel in Kenilworth, about 3-4 miles from campus. The rest are in the famous Warwick Maths Houses.
  • Accommodation costs for all participants are covered by our grant.


  • For general information on how to get here see here.
  • Keep all your receipts for reimbursement. If you come by taxi from Birmingham Airport please try to find others arriving at the same time and share. I strongly recommend that you do use a taxi from the airport and not the alternative (short train ride to Coventry station and then a bus).
  • From Milsom's it is possible to walk to campus in about 45 minutes via a cross-country route. There are also frequent buses (less frequent in the evening) which stop near Milsom's (ask at the reception for bus stop locations): either the Number 11 (timetable here) or the U2. Fares for the 11 are slightly unpredictable, on the order of £2 single, £4 day saver or (best value for a group) £8 for a group day saver valid for 5 people for all day. The 11 requires exact change, but not the U2 (run by a different company).
  • From the Maths Houses (labelled 39 on the campus plan, in square E8) it is 10-15 minutes walk to the department (38, in F4). See the campus plan for the route.
  • The start of the cross-country walking route to/from Kenilworth can be seen in square A6 on the campus plan.


  • Milsom's Hotel provides breakfast (included). Those in the maths houses are self-catering and I'll post more information for them in due course.
  • We will provide lunch near the workshop venue each day Monday-Friday as well as tea and coffee.
  • On Tuesday evening we will have a conference dinner at the Saxon Mill. Menu choice will be available on the day. Transport both ways will be arranged, and the cost (possibly except alcohol) covered. Please make sure that we know if you do not want to attend the dinner.
  • On other evenings you can avail yourself of one of many eating options in Kenilworth (or one of fewer on campus), including several within 5 minutes walk in Milsom's and a dozen or more within 15 minutes walk across Abbey Fields.
    • At the hotel: Loch Lyne fish restaurant. A national chain, I have not tried it.
    • Opposite the hotel: Virgins and Castle, trad pub ambience with SE asian food.
    • Further along High Street (away from campus, towards the Castle): Clarendon Arms pub food (Swinnerton-Dyer's favourite place) with fancier restaurant Harrington's next door. Queen and Castle, I have not tried it.
    • In central Kenilworth (go across Abbey Fields): The Almanack (busy bistro, good food), various chinese and indian places, Zizzi's (Italian), Beef (not for veggies), in Station Road Pomeroys and a Thai place.

Internet access

  • Milsom's provides wifi for guests, included in room charge.
  • In the department you can use eduroam and we will also issue temporary Warwick accounts (at registration on Monday). Please set up eduroam in your home institution before you leave for the workshop!
  • In the Maths Houses both eduroam and the Warwick accounts should work.
  • If anyone really wants to see the project's physical computers atkin , lehner and lmfdb I'll need to arrange that in advance as they are in the building but in a server room with restricted access. They look like all computers everywhere.