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Recent Developments and Challenges in Interface and Free Boundary Problems

University of Warwick,
Tuesday 25 - Friday 28 March 2014

Organisers: C. Elliott, B. Stinner, G-Q Chen

Free boundary and interface problems are ubiquitous in models using partial differential equations. They are considered as one of the most important directions in the mainstream of the analysis of partial differential equations (PDEs), with an abundance of applications in various sciences and real world problems. In the last two decades, various new ideas, techniques, and methods have been developed, and new important, challenging problems in physics, engineering, industry, finance, biology, and other areas have arisen.

This workshop focuses on recent developments and challenges. It is a satellite meeting of the Newton Institute Programme

Free boundary problems and related topics 

Professor Sören Bartels (Freiburg)
Professor Andrea Bertozzi (UCLA)
Professor John Billingham (Nottingham)
Professor Pierluigi Colli (Pavia)
Professor Harald Garcke (Regensburg)
Professor Maria Gualdani (George Washington University)
Professor Matthias Heil (Manchester)
Professor Michael Hintermüller (Humboldt University, Berlin)
Professor Dietmar Hömberg (Weierstrass Institute)
Dr Erik Lindgren (NTNU Norway)
Dr Benoît Merlet (CMAP, Paris)
Professor Ricardo Nochetto (University of Maryland)
Dr Robert Nürnberg (Imperial)
Professor Paola Pozzi (Duisburg-Essen)
Professor Matthias Röger (Dortmund)
Professor Henrik Shahgholian (Stockholm)
Dr James Sprittles (Warwick)
Professor Matthew Turner (Warwick)
Dr Eugen Varvaruca ( Reading)
Dr Shawn Walker (Louisiana State University)

The programme can be found here.
Talks will start at 2pm on Tuesday after lunch.
The last talk will finish at 12:30pm latest on Friday.

Funding is provided by WAMP, the Isaac Newton Institute, and OxPDE.

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