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2013-14 Warwick EPSRC Symposium on Statistical Mechanics: Gradient random fields

University of Warwick, 26-30 May 2014
Room MS.01

Organisers: S. Adams, J.-D. Deuschel, R. Kotecký

Theme: Gradient random fields are systems that appear in a large number of contexts in physical sciences. Indeed, they show up as effective interface models, fluctuation fields in equilibrium statistical mechanics or as microscopic counterparts to phenomenological models in non-linear elasticity. Much of the mathematical progress on these systems until now has been limited to gradient models with strictly convex interactions; nevertheless, the physically relevant systems have interactions that are typically not of this kind. So, in the last decade, a lot of effort has been put on the study of systems with non-convex interactions. The requisite analysis involves a range of methods from probability and analysis including tools based on homogenisation techniques, renormalisation group/multiscale analysis, random-walk representation, introduction and employment of gradient Young-Gibbs measures etc. A key issue to overcome is the long-range nature of the correlations, particularly, in the absence of any a priori knowledge of the decay rate thereof. We want to bring together researcher from the different fields sharing interest in gradient fields, Gaussian Free Field (scaling limits), interlacements, renormalisation, critical phenomena, and non-linear elasticity.

Speakers: A. Abdesselam (Virginia); R.Bauerschmdit (IAS Princeton); M. Biskup (Los Angeles); E. Bolthausen (Zurich); D. Brydges (UBC Vancouver); A. Chandra (Virginia), C. Cotar (UCL London); J. Ding (Stanford); M. Disertori (Rouen/Bonn); M. Hairer (Warwick), T. Helmuth (UBC Vancouver); T. Kumagai (Kyoto); R. Rhodes (Paris); H. Shen (Princeton) ; T. Spencer (IAS Princeton); A. Tomberg (UBC Vancouver); V. Vargas (Paris), H. Weber (Warwick); O. Zeitouni (Weizmann & UMN).



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