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Multi-particle Collision Dynamics Modelling of Microflows

In this talk we will introduce a relatively new family of particle-based, off-lattice mesoscopic models known as Multi-Particle Collision Dynamics (MPC, also referred to as Stochastic Rotation Dynamics), and their applications to microfluidics modelling. We'll take a closer look at the issue of spurious slip at the boundary, discussing what causes it, how to modify the MPC method to eliminate it, and why the work by Bedkihal et. al. is free from it.

S. Bedkihal, J. C. Kumaradas, and K. Rohlf. Steady flow through a constricted cylinder by multiparticle collision dynamics. Biomech. Model. Mechanobiol. 12(5):929-939, 2013.

G. Gompper, T. Ihle, D. M. Kroll, R. G. Winkler. Multi-particle collision dynamics: a particle-based mesoscale simulation approach to the hydrodynamics of complex fluids. ArXiv 0808.2157v1 [cond-mat.soft], 2008.