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All lectures will be held in Room MS.02

Monday 15th September
09:00 Registration in Room B1.37, Coffee in the Undergraduate Workroom
10:00 Michael Ortiz (Caltech) Atomistic Long-Term Simulation of Heat and Mass Transport
10:50 Nicholas Zabaras (Warwick) Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification in the Evaluation of Alloy Properties with the Cluster Expansion Method
11:40 Valery Smyshlaev (UCL) Two-scale Homogenization of Dynamics of Micro-resonant Materials
12:30 Buffet Lunch in the Undergraduate Workroom
14:10 Vikram Deshpande (Cambridge) A Coupled Framework For Climb-Assisted Glide In Discrete Dislocation Plasticity
15:00 Coffee in the Undergraduate Workroom
15:50 Marcello Ponsiglione (Sapienza) Discrete Variational Models for Screw Dislocations in Crystals
16:40 Thomas Hudson (Oxford) Stability of Screw Dislocations in an Anti-plane Lattice Model
17:30 Buffet Dinner in the Street

Tuesday 16th September
09:00 Charalambos Makridakis (Sussex) Ghost-force Free Coupled Energies Based on Bond Volumes
09:50 Johammes Zimmer (Bath) Scale-bridging for Entropic Flows in the Presence of Energy or Noise
10:40 Coffee in the Undergraduate Workroom
11:20 Dennis Kochmann (Caltech) Avoiding Spurious Force Artifacts in a Fully-nonlocal Energy-based Quasicontinuum
12:10 Lei Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong) Construction of Consistent Atomistic/Continuum Coupling Methods
13:00 Buffet Lunch in the Undergraduate Workroom
14:20 Ken Elder (Oakland) Multi-scale Modeling From the Top Down
15:10 Arnd Scheel (Minnesota) Defects in Striped Phases
16:00 Coffee in the Undergraduate Workroom; PIRE Steering Committee
17:00 Poster Presentations
17:30 Poster Session/Buffet Dinner in the Street

Wednesday 17th September
09:00 Andrea Braides (Universita di Roma Tor Vergata) Variational Problems for Antiferromagnetic Systems
09:50 Hosni Idrissi (EMAT) Recent Review on Nanoscale Deformation Mechanisms in Coarse-grained and Nanocrystalline Materials Using Advanced TEM
10:40 Coffee in the Undergraduate Workroom
11:20 Benedikt Wirth (Muenster) Optimal Fine-scale Structures in Composite Materials
12:10 Elisa Davoli (Carnegie Mellon) Stress Regularity for a New Quasistatic Evolution Model of Perfectly Plastic Plates
13:00 Lunch in the Undergraduate Workroom
Excursion to Kenilworth Castle, minibus leaves campus at 14:45

Thursday 18th September
09:00 Andrey Piatnitski (Narvik) Homogenization of Surface and Length Spin Energies
09:50 Pedro Ponte-Castañeda (Pennsylvania) Macroscopic Response, Instabilities and Phase Transitions in Elastomer Composites with Nematic Symmetry
10:40 Round-Table: Irene Fonseca (chair), Thomas Hudson, Elisa Davoli, Ryan Murray, Marco Morandotti
12:20 Lev Truskinovsky (CNRS) Critical Behavior of Skeletal Muscles
13:10 Lunch in the Undergraduate Workroom