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PIRE Workshop: Atomistic and Multi-Scale Models of Materials

15-18 September 2014
(Room: MS.02)

Organizers: Giovanni Leoni (CMU), Christoph Ortner (Warwick) and Florian Theil (Warwick)


Poster(PDF Document)

The topic of the workshop is the interplay between microscopic material models and the corresponding macroscopic continuum theories. The development of methods which couple multiple length and time scales is one of the key challenges of the 21st century and requires significant mathematical input. The workshop will cover recent developments in dislocation theory, phase field crystals, coarse-grained simulation methods and stochastic modelling.

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Confirmed Speakers

Andrea Braides (Roma Tor Vergata)
Elisa Davoli (CMU)
Vikram Deshpande (Cambridge)
Ken Elder (Oakland)
Tom Hudson (Oxford, ENPC Paris)
Hosni Indrissi (Antwerp)
Dennis Kochmann (Caltech)
Charalambos Makridakis (Sussex)
Michael Ortiz (Caltech)
Pedro Ponte Castañeda (Upenn)
Andrey Pyatnitskiy (Narvik)
Marcello Ponsiglione (La Sapienza)
Arnd Scheel (UMN)
Valery Smyshlyaev (UCL)
Lev Truskinovsky (Ecole Polytechnique)
Benedikt Wirth (Münster)
Nicholas Zabaras (Cornell)
Lei Zhang (Shanghai Jiatong)
Johannes Zimmer (Bath)

This workshop is funded by

PIRE - Science at the triple point between mathematics, mechanics and materials science (NSF)

MASDOC - Mathematics and Statistics Doctoral Training Centre (EPSRC)

WAMP - Mathematics and Statistics Platform Grant (EPSRC)

ERC - Starting Grant "Multiscale Simulation of Crystal Defects"


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