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2014-2015 Warwick EPSRC Symposium: DG-enhancements and higher category methods

8-12 December 2014
(Room: B3.02)

Organisers: Alexander Efimov, Dmitry Kaledin, Timothy Logvinenko

A week long conference.

The conference will focus on recent developments arising from higher category theory, including DG enhancements of derived categories and Kontsevich’s program of noncommutative geometry that treats abstract DG categories geometrically.

Scope: DG categories. A-infinity categories. Enhancements. Derived Morita theory. DG categories of matrix factorizations. Moduli of objects in a DG category. Noncommutative geometry and noncommutative Hodge theory. Noncommutative motives. For details, see


Sergey Arkhipov (Aarhus)
Oren Ben-Bassat (Oxford)
Yuri Berest (Cornell)
Jonathan Block (UPenn)
Andrew Blumberg (Texas)
Agnieszka Bodzenta-Skibińska (Warsaw)
Alexei Bondal (Steklov and IPMU)
Pavel Etingof (MIT)(TBC)
Ezra Getzler (Chicago)
Victor Ginzburg (Chicago)
Alexander Kuznetsov (Steklov)
Wendy Lowen (Antwerpen)
Valery Lunts (Indiana)
Francois Petit (Edinburgh)
Olaf Schnürer (Bonn)
Michel Van den Bergh (Hasselt)
Michel Vaquie (Toulouse)
Vadim Vologodsky (Oregon)
Amnon Yekutieli (Ben Gurion)
and others...

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