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2014-2015 Warwick EPSRC Symposium: McKay correspondence, Orbifolds, Quivers

Monday 15th - Friday 19th September 2014
(Room: MS.04)

Organisers: Alastair Craw (Bath), Timothy Logvinenko (Cardiff) and Miles Reid (Warwick)

The workshop aims to highlight a currently thriving area of research, including its links with representation theory, dimer models and symplectic geometry, and to map out new directions of research, such as derived geometry applied to the case of GL(3), SL(4) and higher dimensions. For more details, see

Scope: Derived category techniques linking orbifold geometry, quiver representations, dimer models, etc. The derived category of a Deligne–Mumford stack and the McKay correspondence. Quiver varieties. Dimer models. Mutations. Bipartite field theories.


Christian Boehning (Hamburg)
Tom Bridgeland (Sheffield) (TBC)
Alessio Corti (Imperial) (TBC)
Barbara Fantechi (Sissa, Trieste) (TBC)
Sergey Galkin (HSE, Moscow)
Iain Gordon (Edinburgh) (TBC)
Amihay Hanany (Imperial) (TBC)
ISHII Akira (Hiroshima)
ITO Yukari (Nagoya)
Alastair King (Bath) (TBC)
Alexander Kuznetsov (Steklov Institute, Moscow) (TBC)
Christina Manolache (Imperial)
NAKAJIMA Hiraku (RIMS, Kyoto)
David Ploog (Hannover)
Raphael Rouquier (UCLA) (TBC)
Evgeny Shinder (Edinburgh)
Ian Shipman (UMich) (TBC)
Pawel Sosna (Hamburg)
Michael Wemyss (Edinburgh)
... among others

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