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Multiscale phenomena in electrochemical and porous systems

14th-16th June 2016


Matteo Icardi (Warwick)
Florian Theil (Warwick)


Zeeman building, Room B3.03

The workshop will focus on recent advances in the modelling and simulation of flow, transport and reactions in heterogeneous materials and on mathematical techniques for upscaling and model reduction.
Special emphasis will be put on the applications for lithium-ion batteries and other electrochemical energy storage systems.


  • Lithium-ion, fuel cells and other electrochemical devices
  • Multiscale simulation of charged particles and reaction in porous media
  • Stochastic and periodic homogenization
  • PDF and kinetic methods for upscaling
  • Numerical and analytical approaches for model reduction


------ Tuesday 14th
12:30 Lunch (Maths common room)
-- Session I: modelling
13:30 Charles Monroe - Electrolyte Transport Modelling
14:30 Dhammika Widanalage - A new signal design and model structure for Li-ion battery modelling.
15:15 Coffee break
16:00 Husnu Dal - Electro-Chemo-Mechanics and Fracture of Li-İon Battery Electrodes
16:45 Francesco Ciucci - Data Mining Oxygen and Lithium Transport in Ionic Conductors

17:30 Wine and snacks (Maths common room)

------ Wednesday 15th
-- Session II: analysis
9:15 Giles Richardson - TBA
10:00 Coffee break
10:45 Angel Manuel Ramos - Mathematical analysis of a pseudo-two dimensional model for Lithium batteries
11:30 Scott Armstrong - Quantitative theory of stochastic homogenization

12:30 Lunch (Maths common room)

-- Session III: upscaling
13:30 Daniel Tartakovsky - TBA
14:15 Nicolae Suciu - Towards a filtered density function approach for reactive transport in groundwater
15:00 Coffee break
15:45 Maria Bruna - Homogenisation of Spatially Varying Porous Media
16:30 Ilenia Battiato - Multi-scale dynamics of transport in Li ion batteries and limitations of macroscopic models

18:30 Social dinner

------ Thursday 16th
Session IV: numerics
9:15 Jochen Zausch - Coupled thermal-electrochemical simulation of Li-ion batteries on micro and cell scale
10:00 Cofee break
10:45 Thomas Carraro - Multi-scale modelling and simulations of electrodes for fuel cells and batteries
11:30 Jamie Foster - Explaining the mechanisms for binder delamination in lithium-ion cells

12:30 Lunch (Maths common room)


Invited speakers:

  • Charles Monroe, Oxford
  • Ilenia Battiato, San Diego State University
  • Scott Armstrong, Université Paris-Dauphine
  • Jochen Zausch, Fraunhofer ITWM Kaiserslautern
  • Angel Manuel Ramos, Madrid
  • Husnu Dal, Ankara
  • Thomas Carraro, Heidelberg
  • Maria Bruna, Oxford
  • Chun Liu, Penn State
  • Daniel Tartakovsky, UC San Diego
  • Nicolae Suciu, Cluj-Napoca
  • Francesco Ciucci, Hong Kong
  • Giles Richardson, Southampton

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