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Partial Differential Equations for Large Data

10 May 2017 MiR@W day: Partial Differential Equations for Large Data

11-12 May 2017 Workshop

Organisers: Florian Theil and Matthew Thorpe

Geometric modelling, such as partial differential equations, play an important role in many data science and machine learning tasks. For example, the graph p-Laplacian is often used as a regularisation tool or in spectral methods that use the eigenvectors to project data into lower dimensional spaces.

Of key interest is to establish robustness, particularly in the non-parametric setting and where the data is from an unknown distribution. An important measure of robustness is the behaviour in the large-data limit. Recently it has been shown rigorously for a large class of examples that the large-data limit can be characterized as a variational convergence and that a limiting functional can be found. This paves the way for the study of the limiting functionals and corresponding efficient optimisation strategies.

The workshop will bring together researchers from a variety of fields, including statistical machine learning, applied analysis, probability and stochastic processes, and computational mathematics for exchange of ideas.In particular we hope to be able to (1) review recent progress in the mathematics and applications to relevant data science related problems, (2) initiate new collaborations and (3) raise awareness of the challenges in data science.

Confirmed Participants:

Andrea Bertozzi (UCLA),
Luca Calatroni (Ecole Polytechnique Paris-Saclay),
Mihai Cucuringu (the Turing Institute/Oxford),
Mark Girolami (Imperial),
Blaine Keetch (Nottingham),
John Kent (Leeds),
Henry-Louis de Kergorla (Edinburgh),
Lisa Maria Kreusser (Cambridge),
Bogdan Monghiuc (Bristol),
Mu Niu (Glasgow),
Tom Ranner (Leeds) ,
Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb (Cambridge),
Tim Sullivan (Free University of Berlin),
He Sun (Bristol),
Erasmo Tani (Bristol),
Daniel Tenbrinck (Munster),
Florian Theil (Warwick),
Matthew Thorpe (Carnegie Mellon University),
Yves van Gennip (Nottingham),
Sebastian Vollmer (Warwick),
Konstantinos Zygalakis (Edinburgh)

Dinner registration for the Workshop dinner to be held on Thursday 11th May at 7pm at Loch Fyne Restaurant, Kenilworth

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