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2017-18 Events

Introduction to geometry, dynamics, and moduli in low dimensions
11-15 September 2017.
Organisers: Javier Aramayona, Saul Schleimer, John Smillie

Geometric topology in low dimensions (SYMPOSIUM)
18–22 September 2017
Organisers: Marc Lackenby, Alan Reid, Saul Schleimer

Extremal Combinatorics
18-22 September 2017
Organiser: Oleg Pikhurko, Katherine Staden

BOWL meeting in Additive Combinatorics and Analytic Number Theory
20 September 2017
Organiser: Adam Harper

MiR@W Day: Image Analysis and Processing in the Life Sciences
2-3 October 2017
Organisers: Till Bretschneider, Michael Hintermüller (Humboldt University Berlin), Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb (Cambridge), Bjorn Stinner

Clique Densities
8-9 November 2017
Organiser: Katherine Staden

MiR@W day: Identifiability and Inference
13 November 2017
Organisers: Michael Chappell (Engineering), Louise Dyson (Mathematics, Life Sciences).

MiR@W day: Systems out of equilibrium: Maths meets Physics
27th November 2017
Organisers: Peter Ashwin (Exeter), Robin Ball (Physics, Warwick), Robert MacKay (Maths, Warwick), Aneta Stefanovska (Lancaster)

LMS Network on Harmonic Analysis and PDEs
11 December 2017
Organiser: Jose Rodrigo

DIMAP 10 Year Anniversary Workshop
11-14 December 2017
Organiser: Dan Kral

Computation in geometric topology (SYMPOSIUM)
11–15 December 2017
Organisers: Nathan Dunfield, Stephan Tillmann, Saul Schleimer

Variational Approaches to Problems in Solid Mechanics
18th December 2017
Organiser: Thomas Hudson

MiR@W day: Theory and Applications of Expert Judgement in Risk and Decision Analysis
22nd January 2018
Organiser: Simon French

MiR@W Day: MathSys Presentations
12th February 2018
Organisers: Colm Connaughton, Magnus Richardson, and Matt Keeling.

K-theory, A1-homotopy and quadratic forms
12-16 February 2018
Organiser: Marco Schlichting, Heng Xie

Teichmüller dynamics (SYMPOSIUM)
19–23 March 2018
Organisers: Corinna Ulcigrai, Anton Zorich, John Smillie

Ergodic Theory meeting
Monday 26th March 2018
Organiser: Richard Sharp

Geometry of Teichmüller space and mapping class groups (SYMPOSIUM)
9-13 April 2018
Organisers: Mladen Bestvina, Tara Brendle, Chris Leininger

Geometry of outer spaces and outer automorphism groups (SYMPOSIUM)
16–20 April 2018
Organisers: Ruth Charney, Karen Vogtmann

Complexity 10th Anniversary Celebration
23 April 2018
Organiser: Colm Connaughton (To be held at The Shard, London)

MiR@W Day: Circadian and Sleep-Wake Cycle: Models and Data
23-24 April 2018
Organisers: Bärbel Finkenstädt Rand (Statistics), Qi Huang (Statistics), David Rand (Mathematics, Systems Biology), Francis Levi (Medical School), Robert Dallmann (Medical School), Annabelle Ballesta (Mathematics, Systems Biology).

Structural sparsity, logic and algorithms
18-21 June 2018
Organisers: Anuj Dawar (Cambridge), Zdenek Dvorak (Charles University) and Dan Kral (Warwick)

Representation varieties and geometric structures in low dimensions (SYMPOSIUM)
2–6 July 2018
Organisers: John Parker, Ser Peow Tan, Brian Bowditch

Workshop on Geometry and Mathematical Physics
9-10 July 2018
Organisers: Miles Reid, Weiyi Zhang

Graphs, surfaces, and cube complexes (SYMPOSIUM)
9–13 July 2018
Organisers: Piotr Przytycki, Michah Sageev, Brian Bowditch

Introduction to GPU Programming Summer School
11-12 July 2018
Organiser: Magnus Richardson

MiR@W day: Multiscale Modelling Approach to Fluid Flows Involving Phase Change
Friday 20th July 2018
Organisers: Livio Gibelli (Engineering), Anirudh Rana (Mathematics)

EQUIP Advisory Board final meeting
20 August 2018