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MiR@W Day: Circadian and Sleep-Wake Cycle: Models and Data

23-24 April 2018

The motivation for this workshop is to bring together researchers with a view to creating new links between analysing available data sets (for instance from wearable devices, mobile phones etc) and mathematical modelling to address scientific questions of interest to research in rest-activity rhythm, sleep, chronobiology which all have important implications for health.

The meeting is an initiative of the Warwick chronotherapy group and is supported by the Medical Research Council (Grant reference: MR/M013170/1)

Organisers: Bärbel Finkenstädt (Statistics), Qi Huang (Statistics), David Rand (Mathematics, Systems Biology), Francis Lévi (Medical School), Robert Dallmann (Medical School), Annabelle Ballesta (Mathematics, Systems Biology).

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------------------------------- Programme ----------------------------------------------

Monday 23 April

12:00 Registration and Lunch in Maths Common Room

13:00 Welcome

Session 1: Chair Francis Lévi

13:10 Derk-Jan Dijk (University of Surrey):

Circadian Rhythmicity and Sleep Homeostasis: Interactions Revisited

13:50 Anne Skeldon (University of Surrey):

Mathematical modelling of sleep/wake regulation: the interaction of light, sleep, circadian and social rhythms

14:30 Tea/coffee

Session 2: Chair Pasquale Innominato

14:50 Eva Winnebeck (LMU Munich):

Studying human sleep dynamics in real-life and large numbers

15:30 Tom Woelders (University of Groningen):

A modelling approach in estimating the circadian period of an individual

16:10 Tea/coffee

Session 3: Chair Robert Dallmann

16:30 Aarti Jagannath (Nuffield, Oxford):

Gene regulatory networks in circadian clock entrainment

17:10 Franco Cappucio (Warwick Medical School)

Sleep deprivation and chronic disease: a case study for causality in observational epidemiology

Drinks and Dinner for invited speakers

Tuesday 24 April

Session 4: Chair David Rand

9:30 Q Huang/B Finkenstadt (Statistics, Warwick):

Hidden Markov models for health monitoring in telemetric activity data

10:10 Daniel Forger (University of Michigan)

Using wearables and apps to study human circadian rhythms

10:50 Tea/coffee

Session 5: Chair Eva Winnebeck

11:10 Maarten de Voos ( Biomedical Engineering, Oxford)

Measuring sleep and circadian parameters in the field

11:50 Emma Laing (University of Surrey):

Identifying and validating blood transcriptome biomarkers for sleep and circadian health

12:30 Lunch

Session 6: chair Aati Jagannath

13:30 Annabelle Ballesta (INSERM, INRIA, Warwick Mathematics):

A multi-scale systems pharmacology approach for personalizing cancer chronotherapy

14:10 Pasquale Innominato (North Wales Cancer Centre, Warwick Medical School)

The relevance of circadian rhythms in patients with cancer

14:50 Good bye

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