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Classification, Computation, and Construction: New Methods in Geometry

Mon 15th-Wed 17th Oct 2018

Organiser: Miles Reid

Confirmed speakers:
Ali Craw (Bath)

Stephen Coughlan (Bayreuth)
Tom Ducat (Heilbronn)
Michel van Garrel (Warwick)
Mark Gross (DPMMS)
Paul Hacking (UMass)
Fabian Haiden (Harvard)
Al Kasprzyk (Nottingham)
Travis Mandel (Edinburgh)
Dhruv Ranganathan (MIT)
Miles Reid (Warwick)
Martin Ulirsch (Frankfurt and Warwick)
Ziquan ZHUANG (Princeton)

Also participating:

Hamid Ahmadinezhad, Christian Boehning, Gavin Brown, Tome Coates, Alessio Corti, Alessio D'Ali, Enrico Fatighenti, Isac Heden, Liana Heuberger, Al Kasprzyk, Diane Maclagan, Victor Przyjalkowski, Greg Sankaran, Alan Thompson

Further information is available here, and the workshop poster is available here.

Aerial photograph of Maths Houses

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