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Thermodynamic Formalism: Ergodic Theory and Geometry

22-26 July 2019

Organisers: Oliver Jenkinson, Thomas Jordan, Anders Öberg, Richard Sharp, Daniel Thompson

The last decade has seen spectacular and continuing advances in an approach to ergodic theory and its applications using the techniques and tools of thermodynamic formalism. The aim of this workshop is to progress this theory by focusing on a number of outstanding problems and challenges. The workshop will also be an opportunity to celebrate the 60th birthday of Mark Pollicott.

Viviane Baladi (CNRS and Sorbonne University)
Keith Burns (Northwestern University)
Vaughn Climenhaga (University of Houston)
Rhiannon Dougall (University of Bristol)
Godofredo Iommi (PUC, Santiago)
Michael Jakobson (University of Maryland)
Anders Johansson (Gävle University)
Lien-Yung Kao (University of Chicago)
Thomas Kempton (University of Manchester)
Tamara Kucherenko (City College of New York)
François Ledrappier (CNRS and Sorbonne University)
Carlangelo Liverani (Rome 2 "Tor Vergata")
Matthew Nicol (University of Houston)
Frédéric Paulin (Paris-Sud University)
Yakov Pesin (Penn State University)
Anke Pohl (University of Bremen)
Federico Rodriguez Hertz (Penn State University)
Hans Henrik Rugh (Paris-Sud University)
Omri Sarig (Weizmann Institute)
Karoly Simon (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Mariusz Urbanski (University of North Texas)

Howard Weiss (Georgia Institute of Technology)


Registration is free but required. Please use the link on the right hand side of the page to register. The deadline for registration is 2 June 2019. However, if you would like the MRC to arrange accommodation for you, the deadline is 14 April 2019. REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.


Participants who would like to apply for financial support should indicate this on the registration form. The deadline for applications for funding is 14 April 2019. We will make decisions about funding after the deadline.


The workshop is supported by the EPSRC and the Foundation Compositio Mathematica. Also, Cambridge University Press will be offering discounted books on the topic of the workshop and free online access to selected material from the journal Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems.


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