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MiR@W day: Climate Change, Attribution Science and the Law

September 21st 2020

Please register for our virtual event here! (Note: Please ignore the link on the right hand side.)
Event will run from 10:00 to 15:00 BST, view a preliminary schedule here.

Workshop objectives

The workshop aims to identify advances in mathematical methodologies that have been used for attribution science, highlight key applications of attribution science in climate modelling, and explore the legal cases seeking redress for climate-change related loss and damage as well as enhanced mitigation and adaptation efforts. The audience will consist of mathematics researchers, climate scientists, and a small number of lawyers looking to learn more about current methods in attribution science with the ultimate aim of informing policy.

Attribution science consists of modelling the mechanisms of long-term trends, extreme events, and climate impacts. Assessing the cause of these changes draws on the mathematical disciplines of extreme value analysis, decision science, sensitivity analysis, and causal inference. In addition to these mathematical disciplines, understanding what mathematical models hold legal weight is an important aspect of this workshop. The workshop will focus on an interdisciplinary effort between mathematics, law, and climate sciences.

Confirmed speakers

  • Prof. David B. Stephenson, Chair in the Statistical Modelling of Weather
    University of Exeter
  • Lindene Patton Earth & Water Law Group
  • Navraj Singh Ghaleigh, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr. Thomas L Muinzer, Lecturer CEPMLP, School of Social Sciences
    University of Dundee
  • Prof. Henry Wynn, Emeritus Professor of Statistics Centre for the Analysis of Time Series
    London School of Economics
  • Tim Gore Head of Policy, Advocacy and Research, Oxfam / Laura Gyte Senior Legal Adviser, Oxfam
  • Noah Walker-Crawford, PhD Candidate
    University of Manchester

Professor. David Mond, Department of Mathematics,
Harpreet Paul, School of Law, and
Rachel Wilkerson, Department of Statistics

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