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Algebraic Geometry Seminar

The algebraic geometry seminar in Term 3 2023/2024 will usually meet on Wednesdays at 3pm, though we may sometimes change to allow speakers from other time zones.

Each talk will be either in B3.02 or MB0.07 -- see specific information below.

A link to talks from the previous term is here.

Wednesday 24 April 2024 3pm, B3.02.

Speaker: Barbara Fantechi (SISSA)

Title: Deformations of semi-smooth varieties and the boundary of the moduli space of Godeaux surfaces

Abstract: A variety X is semismooth if étale locally it is isomorphic to a product of a pinch point (x^2y-z^2) with some affine space; equivalently, its normalization is smooth and X is obtained by gluing a smooth divisor to itself via an involution with fixed points in codimension 1. In joint work with Marco Franciosi and Rita Pardini, we calculate the sheaves T^1_X and T_X in terms of the normalization and the gluing, and use this to show that all semi-smooth non normal stable Godeaux surfaces are smoothable, and nonsingular points of the moduli space.

Wednesday 1 May 2024 4pm (Note unusual time)

Speaker: Lucie Devey (Edinburgh)

Title: Toric vector bundles, Parliament of polytopes and Stability

Abstract: Given any toric vector bundle, we may construct its parliament of polytopes. This is a generalization of the moment polytope of a toric line bundle. It contains a huge amount of information about the original bundle: notably on its global sections and its positivity. In this talk, we explain how to determine algorithmically if a fixed toric vector bundle is semi-stable or not (with respect to any polarisation), we illustrate it on its parliament of polytopes. This is a first step in getting a classification of toric vector bundles.

Wednesday 8 May 2024 3pm.

Speaker: -

Title: -

Wednesday 15 May 2024 3pm, B3.02. (postponed due to the illness of the speaker)

Speaker: Mura Yakerson (Oxford)

Title: Motivic Adams conjecture


The well-known Adams conjecture in topology is a theorem about compactifications of real vector bundles on CW-complexes, which has important implications for analyzing stable homotopy groups of spheres. In the talk we will discuss an algebro-geometric version of this statement, which tackles algebraic vector bundles on smooth algebraic varieties. This is joint work with Alexey Ananyevskiy, Elden Elmanto and Oliver Röndigs.

Wednesday 22 May 2024 3pm.

Speaker: -

Title: -

Wednesday 29 May 2024 3pm.

Speaker: -

Title: -

Wednesday 5 June 2024 3pm.

Speaker: -

Title: -

Wednesday 12 June 2024 3pm.

Speaker: Andrés Ibáñez Núñez (Oxford)

Title: TBA

Wednesday 19 June 2024 3pm.

Speaker: Hexu Liu (Fudan)

Title: -

Wednesday 26 June 2024 3pm.

Speaker: Simon Pepin Lehalleur (Amsterdam)

Title: -