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Spring term 2014: This term we are continuing to read Mumford's "Lectures on Curves on an Algebraic Surface."

We meet Weds 4-6pm.

The schedule is only a rough guide as to what we expect to discuss each week.

Week 17 21 Jan, C1.06 Recap & Chapter 12, Tom
Week 18 28 Jan, D1.07 Cancelled for the calf
Week 19 4 Feb, C1.06 Chapter 13, Eduardo
Week 20 11 Feb, MS.05 Chapter 14, Paolo
Week 21 18 Feb, D1.07 Symposium workshop
Week 22 25 Feb, C1.06 Chapter 15
Week 23 4 Mar, C1.06 Chapter 16
Week 24 11 Mar, D1.07 Chapter 17

Please email with suggestions for future seminars. Previous topics have included:
-Abelian Varieties
-Borel & Serre - "Le Théorème de Riemann-Roch"
-Hilbert Schemes
-Geometric Invariant Theory
-Hodge Theory
-Deligne & Mumford - the irreducibilty of M_g

Details of old seminars can be found on Andrew's page.