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Analysis Seminar 2011-12

Term 3 2011/12 - The seminars are held on Thursdays at 16:00 in Room B3.02 - Mathematics Institute unless noted otherwise

Organiser: Peter Topping

17 May 2012
Andrea Mondino (SNS - Pisa)
The Willmore and other L2 curvature functionals in Riemannian manifolds

31 May 2012
Robert Haslhofer (ETH-Zuerich/Courant)
Quantitative stratification and the regularity of Brakke flows

7 June 2012
Luigi Berselli (Pisa)
An elementary proof of uniqueness of the particle trajectories for solutions of a class of 2D shear-thinning non-Newtonian fluids

TUESDAY 19 June 2012 (4pm as usual)
Tristan Riviere (ETH-Zuerich)
High dimensional Yang-Mills Fields, a variational approach

21 June 2012 - at 11am in room MS.04
Andrea Malchiodi
Variational analysis of some curvature prescription problems

Term 2 2011/12 - The seminars are held on Thursdays at 16:00 in Room B3.02 - Mathematics Institute unless noted otherwise

Poster (PDF Document)

Organiser: Peter Topping


12 January 2012
Alberto Enciso (CSIC-ICMAT,Madrid)
Knots and Links in Fluid Mechanics

26 January 2012
Andrea Malchiodi (SISSA, Trieste)
Variational Theory for Singular Liouville Equations

TUESDAY 31 January 2012
Robert Haslhofer (ETH-Zürich)
Singularities in 4d Ricci Flow

16 February 2012
Philipp Reiter (Freiburg)
Regularisation of Non-Convex Anisotropic Energies

23 February 2012
Clara Aldana (Max-Planck AEI)
Determinants of Laplacians and Ricci flow on Asymptotically Hyperbolic Surfaces

8 March 2012 - Room D1.07
Guofang Wang (Freiburg)
Analytic Aspects of k-Scalar Curvature

15 March 2012
Joaquin Perez (Granada)
CMC Spheres in Three-Dimensional Metric Lie Groups

Term 1 2011/12

Poster (PDF Document)

  • 6 Oct 2011 Barbara Zwicknagl (Carnegie Mellon University)
    Microstructures in low-hysteresis shape memory alloys: analysis and computation
  • 13 Oct 2011 Simon Blatt (Warwick)
    Analysis of O'Hara's knot energies
  • 27 Oct 2011 Lorenzo Mazzieri (Scuole Normale Superiore Pisa)
    Rectifiability of gradient Einstein soliton
  • 3 Nov 2011 Peter Hornung (Max Planck Institute Leipzig)
    Analysis of intrinsically flat surfaces
  • 17 Nov 2011 Paul Laurain (ENS Lyon)
    Constant mean curvature surfaces in Riemannian manifolds
  • 24 Nov 2011 Ben Sharp (Warwick)
    Title TBA
  • 1 Dec 2011 Reto Müller (Imperial College)
    Title TBA
  • 8 Dec 2011 NB Time: 15:00 Roberta Alessandroni (Freiburg)
    Asymptotic behaviour of graphs evolving by curvature flows

 These seminars at Warwick are supported by the The Leverhulme Trust.