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Analysis Seminar


Term 2

Organiser: Maxwell Stolarski

11 Jan Ilaria Mondello (Paris-East Créteil) Gromov-Hausdorff limits of manifolds with a Kato bound on the Ricci curvature

25 Jan Giada Franz (MIT) Topological Control for Min-Max Free Boundary Minimal Surfaces

01 Feb Costante Bellettini (UCL) Analysis of Stable Minimal Hypersurfaces: Curvature Estimates and Sheeting

08 Feb Joshua Daniels-Holgate (Hebrew University) Mean Curvature Flow from Conical Singularities

22 Feb Mikhail Karpukhin (UCL) New embedded minimal surfaces in 3-sphere and 3-ball via eigenvalue optimisation

07 Mar Emanuele Caputo (Warwick)

14 Mar Alexander Lytchak (KIT) Convex Subsets in Generic Riemannian Manifolds

Term 1

Organiser: Maxwell Stolarski

05 Oct Katie Gittins (Durham) The Heat Content of Polygonal Domains

12 Oct Pak-Yeung Chan (Warwick) Gap Theorem for Nonnegatively Curved Manifolds

19 Oct Andrea Mondino (Oxford) Lorentzian Ricci Bounds and Einstein's Theory of Gravity in a Non-Smooth Setting: an Optimal Transport Approach

24 Oct (Tuesday) Or Hershkovits (Hebrew University) Mean curvature flow in spaces with positive cosmological constant

26 Oct Denis Marti (Freiburg) Geometric and Analytic Structures on Metric Spaces Homeomorphic to a Manifold

31 Oct (Tuesday, 3:15pm) Or Hershkovits (Hebrew University) The Hopf Lemma for Brakke flows

02 Nov Dario Prandi (Paris-Saclay) Weyl's law for singular Riemannian manifolds

16 Nov Carlo Gasparetto (Pisa) A viscosity and monotonicity approach to epsilon-regularity

23 Nov Thomas Körber (Vienna) Schoen's Conjecture for Limits of Isoperimetric Surfaces

30 Nov Guido De Philippis (Courant NYU) Monge Ampere Equation and Unique Continuation for Differential Inclusions

07 Dec Alix Deruelle (Paris-Saclay) Ancient Solutions to the Ricci Flow Coming Out of Spherical Orbifolds