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Analysis Seminar


Term 2

Organiser: David Bate and Maxwell Stolarski

12 Jan Jeffrey Galkowski (UCL) Weyl laws and closed geodesics on typical manifolds

19 Jan Daniel Meyer (Liverpool) The solenoid, the Chamanara space, and symbolic dynamics

26 Jan Damian Dabrowski (Jyvaskya) Quantifying Besicovitch projection theorem

02 Feb Wei-Bo Su (Warwick) Glueing constructions in Lagrangian mean curvature flow

09 Feb Tim Laux (Bonn) joint with PDE&A: A new varifold solution concept for mean curvature flow: Convergence of the Allen-Cahn equation and weak-strong uniqueness

16 Feb Yoshihiro Tonegawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Some existence and uniqueness questions for mean curvature flow

23 Feb Xavier Tolsa (UAB)

02 Mar Fernando Galaz-García (Durham)

09 Mar Charles Collot (CY Cergy Paris University)

14 Mar TUESDAY Gustav Holzegel (Münster)

16 Mar Franz Gmeineder (Konstanz)

Term 1

Organiser: David Bate

Oct 06 Murat Akman (Essex) Perturbations of elliptic operators on domains non-smooth boundaries

Oct 20 John Lott (Berkeley) Two aspects of scalar curvature

Nov 03 Luke Peachey (Warwick) Non-uniqueness in curve shortening flow

Nov 10 Jean Lagace (Kings) Spectral geometry on surfaces via conformal maps

Nov 17 Max Stolarski (Warwick) Closed Ricci Flows with Singularities Modeled on Asymptotically Conical Shrinkers

Nov 24 Ewelina Zatorska (Imperial) Analysis of multi-phase PDE models: from fluids to crowds

Dec 01 Michael Dymond (Birmingham) Irregular grids and the pushforward equation