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The seminars are held on Thursdays at 16:00 in Room B3.02 - Mathematics Institute unless noted otherwise

Term 1 2018/19
Organiser: Andrea Mondino, Peter Topping

11 Oct Nicolá De Ponti (University of Pavia) Metric properties of homogeneous and spatially inhomogeneous $F$-divergences

18 Oct Ben Lambert (UCL) Higher codimensional spacelike mean curvature flow and applications

25 Oct Lorenzo Foscolo (Heriot-Watt) ALF manifolds with special holonomy

1 Nov Mario Schulz (ETH-Zürich) Yamabe flow on noncompact manifolds

8 Nov Asma Hassannezhad (Bristol) Higher order Cheeger type inequalities for the Steklov eigenvalues

15 Nov Katharina Hopf (Warwick) Finite-time condensation in bosonic Fokker-Planck equations

22 Nov Wilderich Tuschmann (KIT) Spaces and Moduli Spaces of Nonnegatively Curved Riemannian Metrics

29 Nov Raquel Perales (UNAM) Maximal Volume Entropy Rigidity for $RCD^*(-(N-1),N)$

6 Dec Panagiotis Gianniotis (Athens) Regularity theory for Type I Ricci flows

Term 2 2018/19
Organiser: Andrea Mondino, Peter Topping

31 January Jaime Santos-Rodríguez (Madrid) Isometries of metric measure spaces with lower Ricci curvature bounds

14 February Daniele Semola (SNS - Pisa) New results about the structure theory of RCD(K,N) metric measure spaces.

21 February Alix Deruelle (Paris) A relative entropy for expanders of the Harmonic map flow

28 February Silouanos Brazitikos (Edinburgh) Quantitative Helly-type theorems

Term 3 2018/19
Organiser: Andrea Mondino, Peter Topping

25 April Andrea Malchiodi (Pisa) Prescribing Morse scalar curvatures in high dimension

9 May Renan Assimos (MPI Leipzig) The geometry of the maximum principle and applications to Bernstein problems

16 May Dongho Chae (Chung-Ang University, Korea) On the Type I blow-up for the incompressible Euler equations

23 May Luca Rizzi (Grenoble) Weyl’s law for singular Riemannian manifolds

6 June Huisken ETH event

13 June Raphael Hochard (Warwick) Local Ricci flow of non-collapsed manifolds with various curvature bounds in dimension n >= 4

+ Paolo Caldiroli (Torino) Delaunay tori with prescribed mean curvature

20 June Aram Karakhanyan (Edinburgh) Minimal surfaces and free boundaries